Amagi Tsukigase Onsen

Hideaway hot spring resort with only seven rooms in the bank of the Kano River.

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Going into the Shimoda Kaido highwayfrom Shuzenji along the Kano River, you can see the Amagi Tsukigase hot spring which is one of the Amagi Shichito spreading in the mountains of Amagi.
The inn on the banks of the Kano River is an only inn which has seven rooms surrounded by rich nature, and you can hear the murmur of Kano River in the room while enjoying an open-air bath with water flowing directly from the hot spring source.
As going further down Shimoda kaido highway, there is the famous waterfall, Joren Fall that represents of Izu mystique, and it is said that it has a legend of a silk spider.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

The spring quality of the Amagi Tsukigase hot spring is a simple hot spring with gentle touch water, and it is said to be effective for recovery from fatigue, health promotion, autonomic instability, insomnia, depression and so on. There are various spa treatments, esthetic courses, etc. at the inn, and you can experience relaxation and healing in addition to hot spring.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Autonomic instability Depression Insomnia


Access by public transportation.

Approximately 22 minutes by bus from the Shuzenji station Izuhakone Railway Sunzu line

Access by car

Approximately 13 minutes by car from Shuzenji Road / Shuzenji IC

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