Shima Onsen

A satisfying superb view of Ago Bay and hot spring of beauty

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Shima Onsen Village is located in Shima City, Mie Prefecture, and commands a great view of Ago Bay, where there is one of the most famous rias-type coasts of Japan. This village consists of 6 hot springs: Hamajima Onsen, Ago Onsen, Tomoyama Onsen, Okushima Onsen and Isobe-Wataka Onsen. As it takes only 2 hours and a half from Nagoya or Osaka by express trains, it has become popular as one of the best resorts of Japan. You can enjoy delicious seafood and the hot springs while admiring the sun setting into Ago Bay.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

Hamajima Onsen is the most historic hot spring in Shima Onsen Village, although it is a quite new hot spring, which was opened in 1985. The spring quality is hydrogen carbonate spring. The water contains a lot of hydrogen carbonate ion which dissolves the keratinized skin, as well as metasilicic acid which regenerates the skin by acting just like skin lotion or milky lotion. After a bath, the skin becomes moist and smooth, so it is called “hot spring of beauty”.
  • Spring Qualities

    Hydrogen Carbonate hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Coldness Peripheral circulation disorder Cuts Skin dryness


Access by public transportation.

About 20-minute bus ride from Kintetsu-Kashikojima station

Access by car

About 50-minute drive from Ise-Nishi Interchange

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