Tango Onsen

A legendary hot spring commanding a scenic beauty related to the legend of ogre

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Tango Onsen is a hot spring located in Taiza, a port town of scenic beauty commanding a view of the Japan Sea, in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture. The name “Taiza” is derived from Princess Hashihito, Shotokutaishi’s mother, who came to this place to avoid the disturbances in Asuka Period.
At the mouth of Takeno River flowing by this hot spring, there is Tateiwa, a rock surrounded by sand banks, whose circumference is about 1 kilometer. The legend says that Imperial Prince Maroko, Shotokutaishi’s brother, got rid of the ogres and sealed one of them in this rock, so this scenic spot is very popular now. (赤字部分に関して、リサーチによれば3匹の鬼のうち、2匹を殺して1匹を岩に閉じ込めたとありましたので、このような表現にしてありますが、要確認です)

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

Tango Onsen still conserves its legend of about 1400 years ago. The spring quality is sulfate spring, and the water is a little bitter and cloudy. It is said that it has effects not only on neuralgia and arthralgia but also on arteriosclerosis, chronic skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and so on.
  • Spring Qualities

    Sulfate hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Coldness Peripheral circulation disorder Depression Cuts Skin dryness


Access by public transportation.

About 20-minute drive from Amino station

Access by car

About 30-minute drive from Kyotango-Omiya Interchange

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