Yuya Onsen

Greater Accessibility via New Tomei Expressway! Hot Spring in Okumikawa where you can buy spring water from the source

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Yutani Onsen is located in Shinjo City, Aichi.

It is a petit hot spring resort near Horai Valley, a famous scenic point.

It is sometimes called “secluded spa in Okumikawa” surrounded by rich nature.

Along River Ure, there are leisure spots available for outdoor activities at riverside that makes a perfect summer resort.

After the New Tomei Expressway was opened, accessibility to Yutani Onsen has greatly improved and its popularity is likely to goes up.

One of famous local foods here is wild boar and some restaurants serve homemade Gohei rice cakes.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

It is chloride spring.

They say that Yutani Onsen is a long-established hot spring that was opened 1300 years ago.

According to a legend, Yutani Onsen was found by Rishu Sennin, the founder of Horai Temple.

The hot spring water is believed to heal any diseases so you will see a variety of health benefits on the signs at each spa facility.

At the entrance of the hot spring town, hot spring stand is set that allows you to purchase hot spring water from its source at 100 yen and to enjoy foot bath.
  • Spring Qualities

    Chloride hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Neuralgia Frozen shoulder Bruises Sprains Muscle stiffness Coldness


Access by public transportation.

1 min wlk from Yutani Onsen Station on JR Tokai Iida Line

Access by car

10 min driving from Horaikyo IC on San-en Nanshin Expressway

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