Hida Kuraiyama Onsen

A satisfying solitary inn by the headstream of beautiful Miyagawa River

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

A solitary inn located by the headstream of Miyagawa River in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture – this is Hidakuraiyama Onsen.
This spa village is at the foot of sacred Mt. Kurai, whose yews have been offered to the royalty on the occasion of the enthronement since ancient times.
The site of the inn is about 49500 ㎡, where unspoiled nature still remains. The main building of the inn is the old villa of a wealthy farmer of 160 years ago, which was brought over and reassembled here.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

The name “Hidakuraiyama Onsen” was approved by Gifu Prefecture in 2010, so this is an emergent hot spring. The spring quality is simple spring, and the water has effects on arthralgia, low back pains and so on. At the inn, you can enjoy rock and cypress baths.
The huge rocks surrounding the bus tub emit a very small quantity of radium, which has a cell-activating effect, so it is also called “hot water of rejuvenation”.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Autonomic instability Depression Insomnia


Access by public transportation.

About 20-minute drive from Takayama station

Access by car

About 20 minutes from Takayama Interchange

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