Yamashiro Onsen(Kaga Onsen)

The best hot spring village in Hokuriku Region with attractive, old-style streets

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

“Kaga Onsen Kyo” is situated in the middle of the three prefectures of Hokuriku: Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui. This hot spring village consists of four hot springs, one of which is called Yamashiro Onsen. In this hot spring resort surrounded by rich nature, where hilly and rural area stretches, you can wile away the time. This hot spring is well-known also for its old rows of houses, and it is enjoyable to admire these old-fashioned, attractive rows of houses. In autumn 2010, “Ko-soyu” , a restoration of Soyu of Meiji period, was opened, where you can experience the atmosphere in those days, seeing the western-style bathroom and the bathing method in fashion then.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

There is an old legend that a high priest saw a crow curing his own wound with spring water then he noticed that it was hot spring water. This place has a long history of 1300 years and in the past, the famous Japanese artist Kitaōji Rosanjin stayed here, too.
The characteristic of Yamashiro Onsen is that three different spring qualities coexist. Furthermore, you can drink the spring water here, and this hot spring is also known as “beneficial water to bath and drink”.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring Chloride hot-spring Sulfate hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Neuralgia Bruises Muscle stiffness Coldness Recovery from fatigue Cuts


Access by public transportation.

About 10-minute car ride from JR Kaga-Onsen station

Access by car

Hokuriku Expressway, about 15 minutes from Kaga Interchange exit
Hokuriku Expressway, about 15 minutes from Katayamazu Interchange exit

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