Yokokawa Onsen

A famous hot spring related to Hachimantaro, which heals wounds within 4 days

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Yokokawa Onsen is a hot spring located in Hitachiota City, which extends north and south, in the northeastern part of Ibaraki Prefecture. It gushes out at a quiet place among the mountains in Satomi Area, in the upper stream of Sato River, which flows into Kuji River.
A peaceful, rural landscape spreads out, and there are 3 old hot spring inns, which bring about an atmosphere of spa. There is Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge nearby, which is 375 meters long and one of the longest pedestrian bridges in Honshu. You should have courage to cross it, but it will be worth trying because you can admire the beautiful landscape of Abukuma Highlands and Mt. Yamizo on the bridge.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

The history of Yokokawa Onsen started when it was found by Hachimantaro no Yoshiie about 900 years ago, that is in 1057. It has been called “Yokka no yu(spa of 4 days)” since long ago because the hot water healed the wounds of the soldiers within 4 days. The quality of the spring with beneficial effects is simple spring. Its color is milky white, and it has effects on fatigue recovery, female disorders and skin diseases, as well as neuralgia and rheumatism.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Autonomic instability Depression Insomnia


Access by public transportation.

After about 50-minute bus ride from Hitachi-Ota station, get off at Orihashi-Jumonji bus stop, then take about 15-minute walk

Access by car

About 30-minute drive from Hitachi-Chuo Interchange

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