Ashinoko Onsen

Ashinoko Onsen, lakeside hot spring resort with Mount Fuji view

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Hakone area has many hot spring sources and Ashinoko Onsen uses the second newest source.

Despite numerous hot springs around Mount Fuji, Ahinoko is the only hot spring spot where you can bath and view the Mount Fuji at the same time.

In addition to the “Sakasa Fuji (reverse Mount Fuji)” on the water, Wakasagi (smelt) grow in Lake Ashinoko is another popular local specialty.

Available activities at lakeside include excursion boat cruise and pedaled boats that match perfectly for family trips, too.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

It had been believed impossible to find hot spring around which you can see Mount Fuji, thus previously hot spring water from Yunohana Onsen was supplied to Ashinoko Onsen. However, in 2006 finally a hot spring source was found in Ashinoko and now you can enjoy authentic Ashino-ko Onsen with locally sourced hot spring water.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring Sulfur hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Neuralgia Coldness Recovery from fatigue


Access by public transportation.

Approx 35-40 min by bus from Hakone-Yumoto Station

Access by car

Approx 30 min driving from Hakone-guchi IC

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