Chikura Onsen

A natural sulfur spring gushing out from the seabed in Minamiboso

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

This hot spring gushes out around Chikura Town in Minamiboso, which is on the southern edge of Chiba Prefecture.
Every hotel in this area is proud of its own seafood dishes with local ingredients. This hot spring area is now called “Chikura Onsen Kyo”, which includes Chikura Onsen, Chikura Kaigan Onsen, Chikura Motoyu Onsen, Chikura Kaitei Onsen, Chikura Nanaura Onsen and so on.
A warm climate, a transparent blue sea, beautiful flowers and peaceful landscapes of the coast make you feel relaxed. As the coast faces to the east, the scenery of the rising sun is splendid.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

The legend says that this is the oldest hot spring in Chiba Prefecture and that the famous Yoritomo Minamoto, the founder and the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate of Japan, cured his cherished horse’s wound.
The spring quality is sulfur spring, and it has effects on rheumatism, neuralgia, shoulder stiffness, female disorders, skin beautification and so on.
The water is light yellow and transparent, and has the characteristic smell of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Spring Qualities

    Sulfur hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Rheumatoid arthritis Neuralgia Frozen shoulder


Access by public transportation.

About 5-minute drive from JR Chikura station

Access by car

About 25-minute drive from Tomiura Interchange off of Futtsu-Tateyama Road

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