Yudanakashibu Onsen

Nine Unique Hot Springs on the Resort

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

At the foot of Shiga Plateau, nine hot springs make up Yudanaka-Shibu Onsenkyo. They boast one of the most abundant hot water in Japan, as well as various qualities. Each spring has its unique history. You may want to spend time, visiting each one of them.

Just put on the wooden sandals and walk on the cobblestones; it draws you into the nostalgic world.

When you stay at an accommodation within the Onsenkyo, you can bathe in the nine hot springs for free. Have a soothing holiday.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

There are Yudanaka, Shibu, Andai, Kanbayashi, Shinyudanaka, Hoshikawa, Honami, Kakuma, and Jigokudani Hot Springs in this resort.

Kanbayashi Onsen has been cherished by writers since long ago, providing very hot water at 67 - 87°C (153 - 189°F). They have sulfate and other springs.
  • Spring Qualities

    Sulfur hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Coldness Peripheral circulation disorder Cuts Skin dryness


Access by public transportation.

About 10 min by taxi from Yudanaka Station. Or, Kanbayashi Onsen provides a free transportation with a request in advance.

Access by car

About 20 min by car from Shinshu-Nakano Interchange to Kanbayashi Onsen

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