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由布院温泉 東匠庵
Yufuin Onsen Toyoan

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Accommodations that represent their respective local regions and that are worth visiting despite the distance.

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Other Facilities4.3/5

Mr./Ms. J.T(Private)

Select Date:2018-11-02

Excellent service and experience throughout the stay. The staff were helpful and friendly. The food quality was tip top.... Read more Excellent service and experience throughout the stay. The staff were helpful and friendly. The food quality was tip top. Looking over Mount Yufu in the outdoor hot spring was pure luxury.

Excellent service and experience throughout the stay. The staff were helpful and friendly. The food quality was tip top. Looking over Mount Yufu in the outdoor hot spring was pure luxury.

Mr./Ms. J.T(Private)

Select Date:2018-11-01

Excellent service and experience throughout the stay. The driver picked us at Yufuin station promptly after we arrived. ... Read more Excellent service and experience throughout the stay. The driver picked us at Yufuin station promptly after we arrived. The staff were helpful and friendly. The food was amazing, totally out of my expectation. The room was spotless. If I were to comment, I could only wished myself to stay longer!

Excellent service and experience throughout the stay. The driver picked us at Yufuin station promptly after we arrived. The staff were helpful and friendly. The food was amazing, totally out of my expectation. The room was spotless. If I were to comment, I could only wished myself to stay longer!

Mr./Ms. S.M(32)

Select Date:2019-06-22

この度は良い旅行ができました。 ほんとお世話になりました。また機会がありましたらよろしくお願いします。

This time I had a good trip. I am really indebted. Thank you again if you have the opportunity.

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Mr./Ms. T.S(52)

Select Date:2019-03-17

離れの椿に宿泊させて頂きました。 部屋のロフト、お風呂、フロント、食事処からの由布岳の景色は最高でした。 食事も美味しかったです。 是非、また泊まりに行きたいと思います。 その際は、よろしくお願いします。

I stayed at a distant beach. The view of Yufudake from the loft of the room, the bath, the reception, and the dining room was great. The food was also delicious. By all means, I would like to go to stay again. In that case, thank you.

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Mr./Ms. A.Y(Private)

Select Date:2019-03-09

想像以上の接客とサービスに感銘を受けました。 お料理・露天風呂ともに大変満足しております。 おかげ様でとても素敵な休日を過ごすことが出来ました。 今回は一階に滞在したので、次回は眺めの良さそうな二階の利用を考えております。 この度は... Read more 想像以上の接客とサービスに感銘を受けました。 お料理・露天風呂ともに大変満足しております。 おかげ様でとても素敵な休日を過ごすことが出来ました。 今回は一階に滞在したので、次回は眺めの良さそうな二階の利用を考えております。 この度はありがとうございました。

I was impressed by the customer service and service beyond imagination. I am very satisfied with both the cooking and the open-air bath. Thanks to you, I was able to spend a very nice holiday. This time I stayed on the first floor, so next time I will consider using the second floor which looks good. Thank you for this time.

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Mr./Ms. S.A(34)

Select Date:2019-03-09

ゆっくりと過ごす事ができました。接客やサービスもすごく良くて、悪いとこが見つかりません。 また利用したいと思う時間を過ごす事が出来ました。 ありがとうございます。

I was able to spend time slowly. The customer service and service are also very good and I can not find any bad cousins. I was able to spend the time I wanted to use it again. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. A,Y(37)

Select Date:2019-03-09


I am indebted to you for this time. Although I was staying for the second time, I could spend the best holiday. I would like to stay at about a pace once a year. Also thank you.

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Mr./Ms. M.L(38)

Select Date:2019-02-27

旅館員工笑容可掬服務貼心值得推薦 房間舒適餐點美味家人都很滿意

The staff of the hotel smiled and the service was intimate and recommended. The room was comfortable and the meal was very satisfying.

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Mr./Ms. 重覆(33)

Select Date:2019-02-25


Like the room has an independent hot spring! The scenery is good!

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Mr./Ms. L.C(32)

Select Date:2019-02-19

有賓至如歸既感覺 感謝工作人員細心款待

Feel at home Thanks to the staff for their hospitality

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Mr./Ms. T.L(Private)

Select Date:2019-02-11


The location is a little further from Yufuyuan Station. After taking the bus to the station, I took a taxi (about 700¥) and used the hotel car when I left. This is not bad. The maintenance of the bath should pay attention to it, the water and gas problem is a bit serious. The dinner food is delicious, and you can taste two delicious foods at a time, which is unforgettable!

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Mr./Ms. T.F(63)

Select Date:2019-01-23

大変お世話になり、ありがとうございました。お部屋の源泉掛流しの露天風呂は大満足で何度も入りました。 道路から宿への案内標識がわかりにくくちょっと迷いましたが、電話での問合せで丁寧に誘導していただき助かりました^_^ 機会があればまた泊ま... Read more 大変お世話になり、ありがとうございました。お部屋の源泉掛流しの露天風呂は大満足で何度も入りました。 道路から宿への案内標識がわかりにくくちょっと迷いましたが、電話での問合せで丁寧に誘導していただき助かりました^_^ 機会があればまた泊まりたいお宿です。

Thank you very much for your help. The open-air bath with the source of the room was satisfied many times with great satisfaction. The information sign from the road to the inn was difficult to understand, but I got lost a little, but it was saved because I inquired by phone carefully and it was saved ^ _ ^ It is an inn which I want to stay again if there is opportunity.

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Mr./Ms. L.Y(30)

Select Date:2019-01-02

可以说是非常棒的住宿体验了!无意中订到这家酒店,比较靠近由布岳,酒店大堂吧台有大幅的玻璃窗,就能看到山景,一到酒店只要报上预订名字就好,也不需要出示passport,行李会帮忙送到房间,吧台会有热毛巾和欢迎茶点,入住体验就相当好。用完茶点会... Read more 可以说是非常棒的住宿体验了!无意中订到这家酒店,比较靠近由布岳,酒店大堂吧台有大幅的玻璃窗,就能看到山景,一到酒店只要报上预订名字就好,也不需要出示passport,行李会帮忙送到房间,吧台会有热毛巾和欢迎茶点,入住体验就相当好。用完茶点会有服务生带到房间,一一介绍房间名、房内设施、以及送上迎宾小礼品,确认晚餐和早餐的时间。欢迎小卡片还是用中文写的,细节相当棒。房间里也有大幅的玻璃窗,直接能看到由布岳,风景美如画。我们住的是和洋室,床的部分是西式的,起居室是日式的榻榻米,可以坐下来喝喝茶,看看山景。房间里有私汤,有两个入水管,热的就是温泉水,冷的不知道是不是温泉水,可用来调节水温,浴池是桧木的,同样浴室也可以看到山景,洗手间也是干湿分离的。整个房间都是暖色调的很温馨的感觉。晚餐是怀石料理,每一道摆盘都很美也很好吃,服务生也很温柔。第二天的早餐也很好吃。退房时间也比较合理,最后还能送去由布院车站。很适合家庭旅行,如果有机会下次会带家人再来入住的。

It can be said that it is a great accommodation experience! Inadvertently booked this hotel, closer to Yubuyue, the hotel lobby bar has a large glass window, you can see the mountain view, as soon as you arrive at the hotel, you only need to show the name of the reservation, you do not need to show the passport, luggage will help send The room, the bar will have hot towels and welcome refreshments, and the experience is quite good. After the refreshment, the waiter will bring the room to the room, introduce the room name, the facilities in the room, and send a small welcome gift to confirm the dinner and breakfast time. Welcome to the small card or write in Chinese, the details are quite good. There is also a large glass window in the room, which can directly see Yufu, and the scenery is picturesque. We live in a foreign room, the western part of the bed, and the Japanese-style tatami room. You can sit down and have a cup of tea and have a look at the mountain. There is a private soup in the room, there are two inlet pipes, the hot is the hot spring water, the cold does not know whether it is hot spring water, can be used to adjust the water temperature, the bath is eucalyptus, the bathroom can also see the mountain view, the bathroom is also wet and dry Detached. The whole room is warm and warm. Dinner is Kaiseki cuisine, every dish is very beautiful and delicious, the waiter is also very gentle. The breakfast the next day was also delicious. Check-out time is also reasonable, and finally can be sent to Yufuyuan Station. Very suitable for family travel, if there is a chance to bring your family to stay again next time.

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Mr./Ms. L.K(39)

Select Date:2019-01-07


Food and accommodation are very good, the environment is quiet and beautiful! The only fly in the ointment is that the language is unreasonable, asking the staff to go to the room to prepare for the "he he me", promised but did not appear!

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Mr./Ms. L.K(57)

Select Date:2019-01-06


Thank you for your intimate service in all aspects. The room faces Yufu, and the view is very good.

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Mr./Ms. H.I(28)

Select Date:2018-12-14

とても満足のいく時間を過ごせました。 食事のデザート時のみバーカウンターに座りましたが、とても開放的なため、もっと利用したいと思いました。 部屋も広く使いやすく、快適でした。 入浴しながら、美しい景色が見られたらなお良かったです。窓の... Read more とても満足のいく時間を過ごせました。 食事のデザート時のみバーカウンターに座りましたが、とても開放的なため、もっと利用したいと思いました。 部屋も広く使いやすく、快適でした。 入浴しながら、美しい景色が見られたらなお良かったです。窓の位置の都合で、湯船に浸かると山々を見ることができないのが残念です。

I had a very satisfying time. I sat on the bar counter only when I had dinner, but because I am very open, I wanted to use more. The room was spacious, easy to use and comfortable. It was still nice to have a beautiful view while bathing. It is regrettable that you can not see the mountains when you are soaked in the bathtub due to the location of the window.

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Mr./Ms. M.C(Private)

Select Date:2018-12-11


The hotel staff is kind. Specially sent a special car to pick us up to the station is very considerate! The room is tidy! The bath is comfortable! Dinner Kaiseki cuisine is very delicate and delicious.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(61)

Select Date:2018-12-07

チェックイン時間より前に到着したのですが、快く手続して頂き、さらに由布院駅までの送迎もして頂きました。おかげさまで駐車場の心配もすることなく、ゆっくり湯布院観光ができました。有難うございました。 食事は器にもこだわりがあり、とても美味しく... Read more チェックイン時間より前に到着したのですが、快く手続して頂き、さらに由布院駅までの送迎もして頂きました。おかげさまで駐車場の心配もすることなく、ゆっくり湯布院観光ができました。有難うございました。 食事は器にもこだわりがあり、とても美味しく頂きました。 とても楽しい旅となり感謝しています。

I arrived before the check-in time, but I had a pleasant procedure and also took me to the Yufuin station. Thanks to you I was able to slowly visit Yufuin without sight of parking lots. Thank you. The meal was also attentive to the vessel, it was very delicious. It is a very enjoyable trip and I appreciate it.

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Mr./Ms. T.W(Private)

Select Date:2018-10-13

我們於行程最後兩天入住該旅館。 職員都很熱情,我們的的士剛到便出來迎接,又幫忙抬行李到二樓的房間。 每位入住的客人都有小禮包,女生的更有粉紅色梳子和面膜! 懷石料理晚餐十分精緻好味,每一道菜都很有心思,而且職員都會簡單介紹每一道菜該怎... Read more 我們於行程最後兩天入住該旅館。 職員都很熱情,我們的的士剛到便出來迎接,又幫忙抬行李到二樓的房間。 每位入住的客人都有小禮包,女生的更有粉紅色梳子和面膜! 懷石料理晚餐十分精緻好味,每一道菜都很有心思,而且職員都會簡單介紹每一道菜該怎麼吃。 而房裡的私人温泉也是一流,風景很好,而且泡完很舒服。 房間的設備都很齊全,wifi和電視都十分流暢。厠所乾淨。有好用的面部清潔和護膚用品提供。 由於要乘坐早機而沒有享用早餐,而且提出早上7點載我們到巴士站都沒問題,職員叔叔還左右手一手一個20kg的行李箱,真是太辛苦他了,真心要給叔叔一個讚!

We stayed at the hotel during the last two days of the trip. The staff were very welcoming, and our taxis came out to meet and help carry the luggage to the second floor room. Each guest has a small gift bag, and the girl has a pink comb and mask! The Kaiseki dinner is very delicate and delicious. Every dish is very thoughtful, and the staff will briefly introduce how to eat each dish. The private hot springs in the room are also superb, the scenery is very good, and the bubble is very comfortable. The equipment in the room is very complete, and the wifi and TV are very smooth. The toilet is clean. There are good facial cleansing and skin care products available. Because I had to take the morning machine without breakfast, and it was no problem to bring us to the bus stop at 7:00 in the morning, the staff uncle still had a 20kg suitcase, and it was too hard for him. I really want to give my uncle a praise!

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Mr./Ms. N.S(Private)

Select Date:2018-11-04

母と2人、ゆっくりと休日を過ごす事が出来ました。お部屋もロイヤルスイートの名の通り調度品からアメニティまで素晴らしいものでした。 食事のお世話をして頂いた とてもキレイな女性の方、送迎をして頂いた男性の方、スタッフの皆様とても親切で思い出... Read more 母と2人、ゆっくりと休日を過ごす事が出来ました。お部屋もロイヤルスイートの名の通り調度品からアメニティまで素晴らしいものでした。 食事のお世話をして頂いた とてもキレイな女性の方、送迎をして頂いた男性の方、スタッフの皆様とても親切で思い出に残るお宿でした。 また宿からの眺望も素晴らしく、お料理も美味しく… 欠点が見当たらない滞在でした。 また是非お邪魔したいと思います。

Two men and two people were able to spend their holidays slowly. The rooms were wonderful from furnishings to amenities as the name of the Royal Suite. A very beautiful woman who took care of the meal, a man who picked up me and a staff member It was a very nice and memorable inn. The view from the inn was also wonderful and the food was delicious ... it was a stay I could not find a fault. I also want to disturb you.

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Mr./Ms. R.M(31)

Select Date:2018-09-19

この度は非常にお世話になりました。 あいにくの雨でしたが景色は素晴らしく、ゆっくりとした時間を過ごすことができました。 お食事も独創的で美味しく楽しむことができました。 特に嬉しかったのが新婚旅行であることを伝えると色々と計ら... Read more この度は非常にお世話になりました。 あいにくの雨でしたが景色は素晴らしく、ゆっくりとした時間を過ごすことができました。 お食事も独創的で美味しく楽しむことができました。 特に嬉しかったのが新婚旅行であることを伝えると色々と計らってくださっり、特別な思い出となりました。 妻も非常に感動しております。 気になったところを挙げると、食事をする場所は個室でしたが結構周りの会話が聞こえてくる少し気になりました。 あとはせっかくの素敵なお部屋ですので、そこでゆっくり過ごせるようもう少しルームサービスを充実してもらえると嬉しかったです。 総合的には文句なしに人におすすめできる非常に素敵なお宿でした。 湯布院に行く際はまたこちらを利用させていただきたいと思います。

I am indebted to you for this time. Unfortunately it was rain but the scenery was wonderful and I could spend a relaxing time. I was able to enjoy the meal creative and delicious. Especially when I told that my honeymoon was the happiest thing, I got a lot of memory and it became special memories. My wife is also very moved. I came to worry about that although the place to eat was a private room, I could hear the conversation around me quite a bit. Since it is a nice room after all it was delightful to be able to spend a little more room service so that you can spend it slowly there. Comprehensively it was a very nice accommodation that we recommend to people without complaint. When I go to Yufuin I think that I will use this again.

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Mr./Ms. K.H(57)

Select Date:2018-08-24



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Mr./Ms. K.K(44)

Select Date:2018-07-31

생각보다 넓고 깨끗한 객실에 만족했고 실내 야외온천탕 모두 관리가 너무 잘돼있어서 깨끗함에 놀랐다. 하지만 일본어를 못하는것도 아닌데 처음 체크인시 무뚝뚝함에 당황했고 저녁식사시에는 음식설명이나 먹는 방법등 전혀 대... Read more 생각보다 넓고 깨끗한 객실에 만족했고 실내 야외온천탕 모두 관리가 너무 잘돼있어서 깨끗함에 놀랐다. 하지만 일본어를 못하는것도 아닌데 처음 체크인시 무뚝뚝함에 당황했고 저녁식사시에는 음식설명이나 먹는 방법등 전혀 대응없었다. 그냥 대충 먹고 가라는 느낌까지 받은.. 쉐프님께서 좋은 인상으로 인사도 와주셨지만 맛있는 음식을 그런 접객태도로 망쳐버린듯한 느낌. 아침 식사시에는 다른직원분이.. 내가 물어봐서 였는지.. 설명을 다 해주셨고..무엇보다 조식이 최고로 맛있었던 덕분에 기분 상했던건 좀 잊혀지긴 했다. 좋은 시설에 좋은 경치에 맛있는 음식까지 갖춰진 곳에서 일본어가 가능했음에도 우리가 외국인이어서 였는지 서비스가 만족스럽진 않았다. 시설과 요리만 본다면 꼭다시 가고 싶지만 신경쓰이는 서비스는 별로 다시 경험하고 싶지 않다.

I was satisfied with the spacious and clean rooms, and I was surprised at the cleanliness because the indoor and outdoor baths were all very well managed. However, I was not able to speak Japanese, but I was embarrassed when I checked in at first, and there was no response at all when I was eating dinner or eating. The chef received a good impression, but I feel like I have ruined the delicious food with such a hospitable attitude. The other staff at the breakfast ... I asked if I was asking .. the explanation was done .. Above all, the breakfast was the best, and the feeling that I was offended was a little forgotten. The service was not satisfactory whether we were foreigners even though Japanese was available in a place with good facilities, good scenery and delicious food. I would like to go again if I only see the facilities and the food, but I do not want to experience the service that I care about much again.

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Mr./Ms. M.S(53)

Select Date:2018-07-29

食事が凝ってて、全部美味しかったです。 風呂も良かったし、また利用したいです。 お世話になりました。

The meal was tasty, all was delicious. The bath was also good and I would like to use it again. thank you for helping me.

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Mr./Ms. S.K(65)

Select Date:2018-06-03


We were satisfied with the room and bath where Yufu is well seen and blessed with weather. Although cooking was also involved, it was light, but it was pretty bad this trip was aimed at enjoying the scenery, so it is overall satisfactory

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Mr./Ms. K.K(55)

Select Date:2018-04-28


Thank you for this time

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Mr./Ms. K.S(Private)

Select Date:2018-03-31

初めての利用で、企業の保養所だった頃にオーナー専用の客室だった牡丹に泊まりました。さえぎるものが何もない中で、雄大な由布岳の大パノラマを眺めることが出来るベランダは、何よりも贅沢でした。内湯、露天風呂とも十分な広さで掛け流しの温泉を楽しむこ... Read more 初めての利用で、企業の保養所だった頃にオーナー専用の客室だった牡丹に泊まりました。さえぎるものが何もない中で、雄大な由布岳の大パノラマを眺めることが出来るベランダは、何よりも贅沢でした。内湯、露天風呂とも十分な広さで掛け流しの温泉を楽しむことができました。食事も、夕食、朝食とも、質・量とも申し分なく、趣のある内容でした。スタッフの方にも、気持ちよく対応していただきました。 文句の付けようがなかったのですが、強いて気になる点としては、寝室の照明が寝る時には明るすぎるので、調光機能のあるものが置いてあれば、なお良いと思いました。

It was my first time staying at Peony which was a room dedicated to the owner when I was a company's recreation center. In the absence of any obstructing thing, the veranda where you can look at the majestic Yufu-san's large panorama was more luxurious than anything else. We were able to enjoy onsen hot spring with enough space both in the inner bath and the outdoor bath. Both meal, dinner, breakfast, quality and quantity were satisfactory, quaint content. The staff also corresponded pleasantly. Although I could not complain, I thought that if the lighting of the bedroom was too bright as the bedroom lights sleeping, it was still better if things with dimming function were placed as a point to worry about.

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Mr./Ms. S.A(32)

Select Date:2018-03-31

この度はお世話になりました。2名で利用させて頂きましたが私共々大満足でした。お宿の立地条件が良くラウンジからの展望は素晴らしかったです。ただ、お部屋としては一階からよりは二階からの方が眺めを楽しむには良いのだろうと想像しましたが、それでもま... Read more この度はお世話になりました。2名で利用させて頂きましたが私共々大満足でした。お宿の立地条件が良くラウンジからの展望は素晴らしかったです。ただ、お部屋としては一階からよりは二階からの方が眺めを楽しむには良いのだろうと想像しましたが、それでもまた使わせていただきたいと思います。この度は有難うございました。

I appreciate your kindness at this time. We were able to use it for two people but we were both satisfied with satisfaction. The location condition of the hotel was good and the view from the lounge was wonderful. However, as a room I thought that it would be better for the viewer to enjoy the view from the second floor than from the first floor, but I would like to let you use it any more. Thank you for this time.

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Mr./Ms. Y.L(49)

Select Date:2018-02-17


Very average price expensive spa hotel.

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Mr./Ms. A,Y(37)

Select Date:2017-12-23

料理もお部屋もとても素晴らしかったです。とても素敵な休日を過ごせました。また由布院に行く時には東匠庵さんを利用させて頂きたいです。女性に嬉しい化粧水など基礎化粧品もお部屋にあったのも嬉しいです。パックまでありました。今回は一階に滞在したので... Read more 料理もお部屋もとても素晴らしかったです。とても素敵な休日を過ごせました。また由布院に行く時には東匠庵さんを利用させて頂きたいです。女性に嬉しい化粧水など基礎化粧品もお部屋にあったのも嬉しいです。パックまでありました。今回は一階に滞在したので、次回は出来れば眺めの良さそうな二階を利用したいです。この度はありがとうございました。

The food and the rooms were very wonderful. I had a very nice holiday. When I go to Yufuin, I'd like to use Toshoan. It is also nice to have basic cosmetic items in the room such as make-up water delightful for women. There was even a pack. Since I stayed on the first floor this time, I would like to use the second floor where I like the view as good as possible next time. Thank you for this time.

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Mr./Ms. K,G(Private)

Select Date:2017-12-20

勤続25周年ということで自分へのご褒美と家族へのお礼ということで利用させてもらいました。部屋も食事も、そしてお風呂もとてもよかったです。温かいサービスを頂き感謝しております。本当にありがとうございました。次回は違う部屋でお世話になると思いま... Read more 勤続25周年ということで自分へのご褒美と家族へのお礼ということで利用させてもらいました。部屋も食事も、そしてお風呂もとてもよかったです。温かいサービスを頂き感謝しております。本当にありがとうございました。次回は違う部屋でお世話になると思いますので引き続きよろしくお願いします。 それでは皆様よいお年と共に皆さまのご健勝を祈念致します。

I was allowed to use it as a reward for myself and a thankfulness to my family for 25 years of service. The room, the meal, and the bath were also very good. We appreciate your warm service. I'm really thankful to you. I think that I will take care of the next time in a different room so please continue your continued support. I wish you all a healthy year together with a good year.

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Mr./Ms. K.E(30)

Select Date:2017-12-14

체크인을 할 때 입욕세와 관련된 부분을 미리 고지하면 좋을 것 같습니다. 계산할 때 조금 당황했던 부분인지라... 그래도 만족스러운 여행을 할 수 있어서 좋았습니다^^ 고맙습니다.

When checking in, it would be nice if you notify us in advance of the bathing tax. It was a little embarrassing part when I calculated ... It was nice to have a satisfactory trip though. ^^ Thank you.

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Mr./Ms. I.Y(45)

Select Date:2017-11-23


It was a very healed accommodation. Yufuin stayed several times, but staying with Yufu watching, I had never experienced, and I was able to refresh mentally and physically. I still want to use it.

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Mr./Ms. T.S(52)

Select Date:2017-11-12


Thank you for this time. I was able to relax tiredness slowly without stress during my stay. Dinner and breakfast were colorful and delicious, such as coloring and serving, soup stock, seasoned using ingredients, well balanced. I will stay again.

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Mr./Ms. T.S(53)

Select Date:2017-10-07

銀婚式の記念に宿泊させていただきました。 お部屋の露天風呂、お料理も素晴らしく、本当に良い思い出になりました。

I stayed at the ceremony of the silver wedding ceremony. The outdoor bath of the room, cuisine was also wonderful, it became really good memories.

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Mr./Ms. S.S(43)

Select Date:2017-07-21

丁寧な接客、部屋も良くとてもくつろげました。 料理もとても美味しかった。 また行きたいと思います。

The polite customer service, the room was also very relaxing very well. The food was also very delicious. I think I want to go again.

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Mr./Ms. N.S(29)

Select Date:2016-10-21


The meal was very delicious. I was able to enjoy it even with my eyes as I was working one by one. I was relieved to be accustomed to customer service. It was good to be able to adjust the amount of hot water as well. The atmosphere of the inn was calm and I was able to spend it slowly. I also want to use it.

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Mr./Ms. Y.K(33)

Select Date:2016-02-15

予約手続きがうまくいっていなかったにもかかわらず、臨機応変にご対応くださり、ありがとうございました。ブルーレイディスクプレイヤーの貸し出しなど、メニューにないサービスまでしていただいて恐縮です。部屋・食事・お風呂など全体的に非常に満足いたし... Read more 予約手続きがうまくいっていなかったにもかかわらず、臨機応変にご対応くださり、ありがとうございました。ブルーレイディスクプレイヤーの貸し出しなど、メニューにないサービスまでしていただいて恐縮です。部屋・食事・お風呂など全体的に非常に満足いたしました。部屋のバルコニーから「ななつ星」が走っているところも見ることができたのも良かったです。また湯布院に行く機会があればぜひ利用させていただきたいです。

Thank you very much for your responding flexibly despite the fact that the reservation procedure did not go well. I am sorry to have you do not have services on the menu, such as renting Blu-ray Disc players. We were extremely satisfied overall, such as room, meal and bath. It was good that I could see the place where "Natsuneshi" ran from the balcony of the room. I would also like to use it if there is a chance to go to Yufuin.

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Mr./Ms. C.L(54)

Select Date:2017-11-19

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Mr./Ms. S.A(57)

Select Date:2019-03-27

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Mr./Ms. T.M(51)

Select Date:2019-03-17

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Mr./Ms. Y.A(55)

Select Date:2019-03-10

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Mr./Ms. H.K(47)

Select Date:2019-02-17

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Mr./Ms. H.L(28)

Select Date:2019-02-16

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Mr./Ms. H.Y(37)

Select Date:2019-01-16

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Mr./Ms. E.Y(48)

Select Date:2018-12-30

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Mr./Ms. N.M(27)

Select Date:2018-08-08

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Mr./Ms. H.C(Private)

Select Date:2018-05-10

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Mr./Ms. H.K(57)

Select Date:2018-03-31

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Mr./Ms. K.H(55)

Select Date:2017-11-22

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Mr./Ms. Y.K(56)

Select Date:2017-10-27

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Mr./Ms. W.M(47)

Select Date:2017-01-26

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