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京都 高瀬川別邸
Kyoto Takasegawa Villa

casual Townhouse
  • Kyoto > Kyoto Station Suburbs・Yamashina


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Mr./Ms. K.U(26)

Select Date:2019-06-06

暗証番号での入店は初めてで新鮮でした! 接客についてもとても丁寧でしてお部屋のヒノキのお風呂もいい香りでとても良かったです。 2日目も雨が降っていましたが傘を頂けて大変良かったです!

Entering the store with the PIN code was fresh for the first time! The customer service was also very polite and the cypress bath in the room was also very good with a good smell. It was raining on the second day, but it was very nice to have an umbrella!

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Mr./Ms. Y.N(33)

Select Date:2019-04-30

今回はありがとうございました。久し振りの京都旅行に華を添えて頂ける素晴らしい宿を提供頂けたと思っています。 チェックインする際に玄関の入り方が分からず戸惑っていたらすぐさまスタッフの方が出てきて中に案内頂けました。帰りも荷物を取りに伺った... Read more 今回はありがとうございました。久し振りの京都旅行に華を添えて頂ける素晴らしい宿を提供頂けたと思っています。 チェックインする際に玄関の入り方が分からず戸惑っていたらすぐさまスタッフの方が出てきて中に案内頂けました。帰りも荷物を取りに伺ったら番号札を出さずとも空かさず荷物を持って来てくれました。サービスに力を入れていないわけではないけども、部屋の設えやアメニティにも力を入れていることが分かり、大変居心地の良い宿であったと思います。 但し、残念なところがありました。それは枕です。私個人は柔らかめなものを好むのですが、今回は硬めのみ。マットレスがシモンズでも枕が合わなかった故に決して満足の行く睡眠をとることができませんでした。また、部屋の廊下と寝室を仕切る扉がなかったため冷蔵庫の音が寝室まで聞こえてきてしまい寝れず、冷蔵庫のコンセントを抜きました。 次回利用する際には何らかの改善が施されてることを期待します。

Thank you for this time. I think that it was possible to offer a wonderful hotel where you can add a flower to your trip to Kyoto after a long time. As soon as I was puzzled when I checked in, I found it difficult to know how to enter the entrance, and the staff came out to guide me inside. When I went back to pick up my luggage, I brought my luggage with me, even if I did not give a number tag. Although I am not focusing on the service, I also understand that I am focusing on the setting of the room and the amenities, so I think it was a very cozy hotel. However, there was a disappointing place. It's a pillow. I personally prefer something softer, but this time only harder. Even if the mattress was Simmons, I could not get a satisfactory sleep because the pillow did not fit. Also, because there was no door separating the hallways of the room and the bedroom, the sound of the refrigerator came to the bedroom and I could not sleep, and I unplugged the refrigerator outlet. We expect that some improvement will be given the next time we use it.

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Mr./Ms. N.K(45)

Select Date:2017-08-30


Especially the Hinoki bath was the best. When I come to Kyoto, I want to stay again and recommend it to my friends. The room is also the best, the key is not, I want the system to adopt it elsewhere as well.

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Mr./Ms. T.O(29)

Select Date:2017-04-22


This time, two people used it. There was also the opponent 's birthday, I asked for more than in advance, but I was able to respond carefully and I was able to spend safely and happily. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. H.S(52)

Select Date:2018-04-14

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Select Date:2017-08-18

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