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Other Facilities3.9/5

Mr./Ms. JJ(45)

Select Date:2018-08-30

나고야역에서 지하상가를 통해서 올수있는, 최고의 위치.(어디든 쉽게 이동이 가능하다) 친절한 직원. 하지만 1층 레스토랑의 조식은 3일내내 같은 메뉴라, 지하상가의 조식을 이용하는것도 좋을것 같다. 아침에 일찍 ... Read more 나고야역에서 지하상가를 통해서 올수있는, 최고의 위치.(어디든 쉽게 이동이 가능하다) 친절한 직원. 하지만 1층 레스토랑의 조식은 3일내내 같은 메뉴라, 지하상가의 조식을 이용하는것도 좋을것 같다. 아침에 일찍 이동할경우에만 호텔조식을 이용하는게 좋을 것같다.여유가 된다면 지하상가에 맛집들을 이용하는게 좋을거같다. 룸이 너무 작아서, 불편해서 로비에서 휴식을 자주 취했다.

나고야역에서 지하상가를 통해서 올수있는, 최고의 위치.(어디든 쉽게 이동이 가능하다) 친절한 직원. 하지만 1층 레스토랑의 조식은 3일내내 같은 메뉴라, 지하상가의 조식을 이용하는것도 좋을것 같다. 아침에 일찍 이동할경우에만 호텔조식을 이용하는게 좋을 것같다.여유가 된다면 지하상가에 맛집들을 이용하는게 좋을거같다. 룸이 너무 작아서, 불편해서 로비에서 휴식을 자주 취했다.

Mr./Ms. M.I(47)

Select Date:2019-02-28

クーポンがあったため利用させて頂きましたが、立地、施設内、スタッフの方々と全ての面において予想以上の快適さに大満足でした。 また機会がありましたら是非宿泊したいと思っています。その際はまたよろしくお願いします。

I used it because there was a coupon, but I was satisfied with more comfort than I had expected, in terms of location, facilities, people and staff. If there is opportunity again, I would definitely stay. In that case also thank you again.

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Mr./Ms. Y.T(47)

Select Date:2019-02-09

トイレの暖房が無しだったため、冷たくて辛かった。 洗面所が小さく顔を洗うのに苦労した。 受付の人はすごく優しかった。

It was cold and painful because the toilet was out of heating. The washroom was small and I had a hard time washing my face. The receptionist was very kind.

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Mr./Ms. S.K(45)

Select Date:2019-01-01

とてもお洒落で素敵なホテルでした! ホテルの方もとても親切で、丁寧でこの値段で、こんなステキなロビーにこの接客!!ぜひ他の地域の系列にも泊まってみたいとおもいます!ありがとうございました!

It was very fashionable and wonderful hotel! The hotel is also very kind, polite and at this price, this customer in this lovely lobby! ! I definitely would like to stay in other regional affiliates! Thank you very much!

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Mr./Ms. N,S(48)

Select Date:2018-12-15

先日はありがとうございました。 できれば窓から外が見えたらうれしかったです。

Thank you for the other day. I would be happy if I could see the outside from the window if possible.

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Mr./Ms. M.I(33)

Select Date:2018-12-19


The design was lovely. The usability of the bath was good, the bed was wide and it was very relaxing.

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Mr./Ms. M.I(33)

Select Date:2018-12-19


We stayed very comfortable. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. H.K(52)

Select Date:2018-10-18


Parking lot is far

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Mr./Ms. R.I(36)

Select Date:2018-10-10


Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. M.M(54)

Select Date:2018-08-20

隣の声が聞こえる時がありました! 部屋やお風呂は清潔でとても良かった!洗面台はコメントにあったように、何度か頭をぶつけました!残念です また、次回も利用したいです

There was a time when I heard the next voice! The room and the bath were clean and very good! As washcloth used to comment, I bumped my head several times! I am sorry, I also want to use it next time

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Mr./Ms. S.S(30)

Select Date:2018-08-18

夜10時頃の到着になりましたが、事前に電話した際も、大丈夫ですと快く受けていただきました。寝るためだけの部屋だったので、コンパクトサイズのお部屋でしたが、特に問題なかったです。名駅の地下道から上がったらすぐ目の前という立地の良さ、部屋も清潔... Read more 夜10時頃の到着になりましたが、事前に電話した際も、大丈夫ですと快く受けていただきました。寝るためだけの部屋だったので、コンパクトサイズのお部屋でしたが、特に問題なかったです。名駅の地下道から上がったらすぐ目の前という立地の良さ、部屋も清潔感があり、満足でした。ロビー階も可愛かったです。

I arrived around 10 o'clock in the evening, but when I called in advance, I received it pleasantly when it was OK. It was a room only for sleeping, so it was a compact size room, but there was no problem in particular. As soon as I got up from the underpass of the station, it was a good location in front of my eyes, the room had a sense of cleanliness, and I was satisfied. The lobby floor was also cute.

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Mr./Ms. M.I(33)

Select Date:2018-07-27


We were able to spend comfortably in general, such as location right outside station, lobby lounge which is good fragrance, room of flooring etc. Especially the bathtub was widely easy to use. Thank you very much!

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Mr./Ms. A.S(53)

Select Date:2018-07-22

今回は、猛暑にもかかわらず、ホテルではとても快適に滞在することができ、ありがとうございました。 何よりも、立地がとてもよく、猛暑の地上を歩かずに、涼しい地下道で名古屋駅周辺施設を移動できたのが、本当に良かったです。 お部屋の空調も、きち... Read more 今回は、猛暑にもかかわらず、ホテルではとても快適に滞在することができ、ありがとうございました。 何よりも、立地がとてもよく、猛暑の地上を歩かずに、涼しい地下道で名古屋駅周辺施設を移動できたのが、本当に良かったです。 お部屋の空調も、きちんと調節出来て、暑くも寒くもなく、快適にすごせました。 バスタブも、コンパクトだけれども、楕円形の為、ゆったり利用出来ました。 ロビーのソファーや、本を置いてあるスペースも、外出前後にちょっと一息つくのに、ゆったり出来てとても良かったです。 また名古屋に来る時には、是非利用させていただきます。

This time, despite the hot weather, thank you for staying at the hotel very comfortable. More than anything, it was really nice to move the facilities around Nagoya Station on a cool underground road without having to walk on the hot summer because it is very well located. The air conditioning of the room was also able to adjust properly, It was able to spend comfortably without being hot or cold. Bathtub is also compact, but because it is elliptical, it could be used relaxedly. The sofa in the lobby and the space where the book is placed also got a little breath before and after going out, it was relaxing and very good. When I come to Nagoya again, I will use it by all means.

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Mr./Ms. K.N(55)

Select Date:2018-06-01

1人で2泊お世話になりました。スタッフの皆さんの接客も良く、お部屋もオシャレで清潔でした。1人でしたが、セキュリティも良く安心できました。 また機会があれば利用したいです。

Two people stayed alone for one person. The staff's reception was good, the room was fashionable and clean. Although it was 1 person, security was also safe and secure. I also want to use it if I have the opportunity.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(65)

Select Date:2018-05-26


It was very convenient and good, near the station. In the refrigerator, it was rational and it was nice to hear that only the water was used, and the use of the refrigerator was not used one by one. Slippers were pleasant for disposable people if possible, others were comfortable otherwise,

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Mr./Ms. T.M(71)

Select Date:2018-06-02

洗面器が小さく、水栓の取っ手が大きすぎるため、顔を洗おうとすると、何回も水栓に頭をぶつけけた。 また隣室の音が聞こえ気になった。

Since the washbowl was small and the handle of the faucet was too big, I tried to wash my face and bumped my head over the faucet many times. I also felt like hearing the sound of the next room.

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Mr./Ms. K.I(36)

Select Date:2018-01-28


It was easy to enter the bath as it got wider sideways

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Mr./Ms. R.Y(34)

Select Date:2018-01-05

荷物を預かっていただいたり、傘を一日貸していただいたり、大変お世話になりました。 ベッド上の照明にしばらく気がつきませんでした。ここの照明は手元が明るくて助かりましたが、スイッチが遠かったため、気づきにくいし消し忘れた時に少し手間でした。... Read more 荷物を預かっていただいたり、傘を一日貸していただいたり、大変お世話になりました。 ベッド上の照明にしばらく気がつきませんでした。ここの照明は手元が明るくて助かりましたが、スイッチが遠かったため、気づきにくいし消し忘れた時に少し手間でした。 浴室の鏡が洗面所から風呂までつながっていてとても重宝しました。

I got a lot of luck with keeping my luggage and lending an umbrella for a day. I did not notice the light on the bed for a while. The lighting here was saved because the hand was bright, but it was a little troublesome when I forgot to erase it because it was hard to notice because the switch was far. The mirror of the bathroom was connected from bathroom to bath and it was very handy.

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Mr./Ms. K.K(57)

Select Date:2017-12-19

チェックアウト後も荷物を預かっていただきありがとうございました。 お陰さまで身軽に観光できました。 浴槽もベッドも広く、TVも見やすい位置にあり、枕元にコンセントもあり、とても快適に滞在できました。また来ます。

Thank you for keeping my luggage even after checkout. I was able to tour sightseeing easily with thanks. The bathtub and the bed are wide, TV is also in a position that it is easy to see, there is also an outlet in the bedside, we were able to stay comfortably very much. I will come again.

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Mr./Ms. T.N(23)

Select Date:2018-07-22

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