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ホテル&リゾーツ 南房総
Hotel & Resorts MINAMIBOSO

casual Resort
  • chiba > Tomiura・Shirahama・Chikura


"Hotel & Resorts MINAMIBOSO" located in Minamiboso National Quarantine Park of Taibusamisaki, boasts a rich nature scenery of Minamiboso.

This is a perfect getaway from the busy metro area, where you can feel the Kuroshio current, the fresh breeze of the warm climate for mind and body relaxation. 

We have wide variety of rooms to meet the needs of our customers.
To introduce a few, we rooms such as Ocean View Room with DEN(small space for entertainments, etc), and nature-themed rooms of sea and forest. Relax in nature. 

We offer large public bath of open rock baths with healthy "medlar leaves" to heal your fatigue. Listen to the gentle sounds of the waves as you enjoy the blissful bath.

With the clear sky, horizons, and beautiful green forests, we welcome you to make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Hotel name has changed to Hotel & Resorts MINAMIBOSO as of April 1st 2018      
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Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Other Facilities3.5/5

Mr./Ms. M.H(48)

Total points:

Select Date:2019-04-16

再訪ですが、前回申し入れのことについてスタッフ同士の情報共有が計られ、今回の宿泊に活かされていたことについては、プラスに評価出来ます。 特にフロント主任の方が、チェックイン時間に合わせ待っていたのは高評価です。 ただ残念なのは、チェ... Read more 再訪ですが、前回申し入れのことについてスタッフ同士の情報共有が計られ、今回の宿泊に活かされていたことについては、プラスに評価出来ます。 特にフロント主任の方が、チェックイン時間に合わせ待っていたのは高評価です。 ただ残念なのは、チェックアウト後のラウンジ利用を考えていたところ、「本日はやっておりません」旨の説明を、チェックアウト時にこちらから聞いて初めて分かったこと。 表示かチェックイン時に案内をされた方が良いですよ。 あと毎回ながら朝食が「ん~⤵」なとこですね。 これは他の方の口コミにも多く書かれているので是非参考にしてレベルアップして欲しいですね。 特に、オムレツ表示があっても、ライブキッチンに終始コックがいないというのは、今回確認しただけではなく複数回ありましたよ。 次回は高評価に出来ることを期待しております。

We revisit, but information sharing between staffs about the last offer was measured, and we can evaluate positively about having been utilized in this stay. In particular, it is highly appreciated that the front manager was waiting for the check-in time. The only disappointing thing was that I was thinking about using the lounge after check-out, but I found it for the first time when I heard from here at the time of check-out that an explanation saying "I am not doing today." It is better to be shown at the time of display or check-in. Everytime after that, breakfast is "N ~ ⤵" Natoko. As this is written in the word of mouth of other people a lot, I want you to refer to it by all means and level up. In particular, even if there is an omelet display, there is no cock in the live kitchen all the time, not only this time but also several times. We are expecting to be able to be highly evaluated next time.

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Mr./Ms. M.H(48)

Total points:

Select Date:2019-04-02

年数回利用のリピーターですが、今回通された部屋はまさかの未清掃の部屋で、かなりおぞましくまだ脳裏に焼き付いている。 確認しに来たスタッフは超軽く部屋を見て「そんなバカなことある訳ないでしょ」くらいに信じていないようであり、真摯に受け取って... Read more 年数回利用のリピーターですが、今回通された部屋はまさかの未清掃の部屋で、かなりおぞましくまだ脳裏に焼き付いている。 確認しに来たスタッフは超軽く部屋を見て「そんなバカなことある訳ないでしょ」くらいに信じていないようであり、真摯に受け取ってくれなかった。 その証拠に部屋交換後、改めてのお詫びもなし。 別件でフロントに行くも同じスタッフだったが「先程は失礼致しました。」もなし。 チェックアウト時は何事も無いように、「追加料金はありません。ありがとうございました。」のみ。 え!昨日は失礼致しましたとか一言も無いの? 自作自演のクレーマーと勘違いされているように感じ、とても不愉快な宿泊になりました。

Although it is a repeater used several times a year, the room passed this time is a truly uncleaned room, and it is still quite burnt in my mind. The staff who came to check looked at the room very lightly and seemed not to believe as "I can not say such a stupid thing", and did not receive it sincerely. After exchanging the room for the proof, there is no apology again. It was the same staff to go to the front desk in another matter, but "It was rude to me earlier." None. At the time of check out there is nothing to do, only "There is no additional charge. Thank you very much." Huh! Excuse me or not a word yesterday? I felt that I was misunderstood as a self-made Kramer and I felt very unpleasant.

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Mr./Ms. Y.K(35)

Total points:

Select Date:2019-03-22

【良かった点】 ・建物内は全体的に新しい印象でした。 ・ロビーフロアにキッズスペースがあり、一歳過ぎの子連れ旅行でしたが夕飯まで飽きずに遊ばせることが出来て助かりました。 ・夕飯は個室で囲炉裏焼きを頂きましたが、担当の方が目の前で焼い... Read more 【良かった点】 ・建物内は全体的に新しい印象でした。 ・ロビーフロアにキッズスペースがあり、一歳過ぎの子連れ旅行でしたが夕飯まで飽きずに遊ばせることが出来て助かりました。 ・夕飯は個室で囲炉裏焼きを頂きましたが、担当の方が目の前で焼いてくださり、海の幸も山の幸もお腹いっぱい食べられて満足度の高い夕飯でした。 【悪かった点】 ・朝食ブッフェが全く美味しくありませんでした。その場で作る出来立てのオムレツですら美味しくありません。 ・部屋のお風呂の床や浴槽ポケットの溝の所にカビが生えていました。子供に優しい宿を謳っているわりに、子供が触るような場所の掃除が行き届いておらず他の箇所は大丈夫なのかと不安になりました。また、歯磨き用のコップの底に水滴跡があり使うことが出来ませんでした。 ・落し物の問い合わせをした際、フロントの男性に「届いていませんね」だけで話を終わらされそうになりました。これまで宿泊施設でなくても、落し物の特徴を聞かれたり、万一見つかった際の対応方法などを案内して貰ってきたので、今回の対応には非常に驚きました。こちらから「見つかったら連絡を頂けませんか」と聞いたところ、どこで落としたのかを聞かれ、部屋から朝食会場まで行ったのでわからないが、朝食会場の可能性が高いと答えたところ、「朝食会場は今の時間帯バタバタしているので、ご自分で直接行って聞いてみてはどうですか」というような事を言われました。ホテル内で連携を取って貰えないのか、と大変疑問に思いました。チェックイン・アウトも男性の対応でしたが、良い印象ではありませんでした。

[Good points] ・ The building was totally new impression.・ There was a kids space on the lobby floor, and it was a trip with a one-year-old child, but I was able to play without getting bored until dinner and was saved.・ We had a hearth baking in a private room, but the person in charge was grilled in front of us, and the sea food and the mountain food were full eaten and it was a highly satisfying dinner. [A bad point] ・ Breakfast buffet was not delicious at all. Even freshly made omelettes are not delicious. -Mold had grown on the floor of the room's bath and the groove in the tub pocket. Although I was looking for a child-friendly inn, I was worried that I did not clean the place where the child touches and other places would be fine. In addition, there was a drop of water on the bottom of the toothpaste cup and it could not be used.・ When I asked for a dropout, I was almost finished talking to the man on the front desk, "I haven't arrived." Even if I was not an accommodation facility, I was asked to ask about the features of the lost objects and how to respond when they were found, so I was very surprised at this response. When I asked "Can you contact me if found," I was asked where I dropped it, and I went to my room from the breakfast room, so I didn't know, but I said that the breakfast room was highly likely, "Breakfast Since the venue is fluttering in the current time zone, how about going directly by yourself and listening to it? " I wondered if I could get along in the hotel. Check-in / out was also for men, but it was not a good impression.

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Hotel & Resorts MINAMIBOSO


Tatara 1212, Tomiura-cho, Minamiboso, Chiba, Japan [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

196 room(s)


【Brasserie Sea Breeze】
Sea View Restaurant「Brasserie Sea Breeze」。Enjoy your meal with the sunset and fishing fires colouring through the sea view far away.
■ Floor : 2F
■ Capacity : 180 Seats
■ Business Hours
Breakfast 7:00~10:00(Last Admission 9:30)
Dinner ○ French Cuisine 17:30~21:00 (Last Admission 20:00)
      ○ Dinner Buffet 17:30~21:00(Last Admission 20:00 / Last Order 20:30)
※Please refrain from wearing yukata or putting on slippers when entering。(Breakfast is an exception)

【Japanese Cuisine Taikoubou】
Enjoy the seasonal taste and ingredients of the chef’s Japanese style cuisine delicately prepared by the chefs with delicacy.

■ Floor :1F
■ Capacity: 78 Seats
■ Business Hours
Dinner ○Japanese Cuisine17:30~21:00(Last Admission 20:00)

Enjoy the colorful, abundant cuisine with a drink, or grab some late night snack when you are hungry.
■ Floor :B1F
■ Capacity:46 Seats
■ Business Hours
Dinner ○Japanese Cuisine 18:00~23:00 (Last Admission 22:30)
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We use "medlar leaves" as our main ingredient for a nature-friendly, healthy source of our bath.  Relieve your stress while hearing the sound of the gentle sea waves. Sauna and outdoor spa are also available. Coin locker is provided for your convenience. 

■ Floor :B1F
Open Hours:5:00~10:00/14:00~25:00(Sauna 14:00~25:00)
Bath Amenities:
【For Male Guests】

Body Soap / Shampoo / Rinse / Infant chair / Nursing Chair /(Dressing Room) Diaper exchange sheets/Water Purifier /Weight Scale/Q-tips/Hari Dryer/Hair Brush/Comb/Shaver/Shaving Cream/Hairstyling Product/Serum/Lotion/Hair Treatment

【For Female Guests】
Body Soap/Treatment/Shampoo/Rinse/ Infant chair / Nursing Chair /(Dressing Room) Diaper /Water Purifier/Weight Scale/綿棒/Hari Dryer/Hair Brush/Comb/Serum/Cleanser/Shampoo Bar/Lotion
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Other facility information

Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

【By Train】
● Tokyo station ● → Sōbu rapid line (approximately 40 minutes) → ● Chiba station ● → Uchibō Line(approximately 1 hour 30 minutes)  ● → Tomiura station ● → 10 minutes by taxi (4km) → ● Hotel ●

【By Express Bus】
● Tokyo Yaezu South Exit → Express bus Boso Nanohana No. (1 hour 35 minutes )→ ● Tomiura Medlar Club ● → 8 minutes by Taxi (3.5km) → ● Hotel ●

【Information on free shuttle bus service】
We offer a free shuttle bus to both hotel guests and day trip guests. The shuttle operates between Tomiura station and the hotel (via Express Bus Bosonanoha stop). We recommend using this service for guests travelling by train or express bus. Since this is a regular run service, please contact the hotel for detailed timetable.

Tatara 1212, Tomiura-cho, Minamiboso, Chiba, Japan

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