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Accommodations that represent their respective prefectures and that are worth visiting when you are in the area.

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Other Facilities4.6/5

Mr./Ms. E.Y(26)

Select Date:2019-06-02

こちらの口コミにある通り、「スタッフの方々の対応」「1人1人のおもてなし」に感動しました。すれ違いざまの挨拶や笑顔が非常に印象的ですし、滞在中は付かず離れずの些細な気遣いを多くいただきました。夕食のバイキングは期待を良い意味で大きく裏切って... Read more こちらの口コミにある通り、「スタッフの方々の対応」「1人1人のおもてなし」に感動しました。すれ違いざまの挨拶や笑顔が非常に印象的ですし、滞在中は付かず離れずの些細な気遣いを多くいただきました。夕食のバイキングは期待を良い意味で大きく裏切ってくれました。今回チェックインが遅れ、19時前になってしまったのですが、日の入りの絶景や、夜の語り部?のイベント、ダーツやビリヤード、卓球台など、旅前から知っていればもっと早くチェックインをして楽しめたのに・・。と思うことも。(自分が悪いのですが) 総論、知床にあるリゾートホテルながら、滞在を目的にできる宿だと感じました。また流氷の季節にも訪れたいなと思います。

As you can see in this review, I was impressed by the "correspondence of the staff members" and "the hospitality of each person". Passing greetings and smiles are very impressive, and during the stay, I received a lot of careless cares. The dinner buffet was a great betrayal of expectations. This time check-in is delayed, and it has been about 19:00, but if you know before the trip such as the sunset view, the night's narrative event, darts, billiards, table tennis, etc., check-in more quickly I enjoyed it and ... I also think that. In general, I felt that the resort hotel in Shiretoko can be a hotel for the purpose of staying. I also want to visit during the drift ice season.

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Mr./Ms. T.K(55)

Select Date:2019-05-25


It was very nice from the welcome drink to the lobby, bath and food. I am satisfied.

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Mr./Ms. K.I(Private)

Select Date:2019-05-19


On this trip I stayed at another hotel for the last night only. Room was not more than expected value, but I think that it is probably the best hotel in Shiretoko area without any complaint about the correspondence of the staff and the quality of the meal.

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Mr./Ms. N.I(27)

Select Date:2019-04-26


We were impressed by the hospitality of each and every one of our employees.

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Mr./Ms. I.Y(40)

Select Date:2019-03-30

改装中で部屋やエレベーター、シンナーの臭いがしたけど、仕方ないのかなと。屋上の露天風呂が使えなくてとても残念でしたが、スタッフ一人一人の対応がとても良かったのと、ご飯がとても美味しかったです。バイキング会場のカート、初めてでした。あれは便利... Read more 改装中で部屋やエレベーター、シンナーの臭いがしたけど、仕方ないのかなと。屋上の露天風呂が使えなくてとても残念でしたが、スタッフ一人一人の対応がとても良かったのと、ご飯がとても美味しかったです。バイキング会場のカート、初めてでした。あれは便利!お年寄りにはもちろん、うちの子供達にもいつもは付き添って食事を取りに行ってましたが、カートがあって安心して子供が自由に好きな物を取りに行っても安心出来ました。

There was a smell of rooms, elevators and thinners during renovation, but I could not help it. It was very disappointing that I could not use the open-air bath on the roof, but the staff was very good at dealing with each person, and the rice was very delicious. It was the first time for the viking venue cart. That is convenient! For the elderly, of course, my children were always accompanied by a meal, but with the cart, I was relieved that even if the children were free to take what they liked.

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Mr./Ms. C.S(36)

Select Date:2019-02-26

天台露天溫泉竟然沒有開放要作維護,我就是為了那天空露天溫泉才去的,實在太失望了,預訂時relux沒有預早通知天空露天溫泉要維修入住期間不開放,只剩下下面少少的温泉,而且人又多,要我用那麼貴的價格預訂的温泉洒店,天空溫泉竟然是不開放,好失望!... Read more 天台露天溫泉竟然沒有開放要作維護,我就是為了那天空露天溫泉才去的,實在太失望了,預訂時relux沒有預早通知天空露天溫泉要維修入住期間不開放,只剩下下面少少的温泉,而且人又多,要我用那麼貴的價格預訂的温泉洒店,天空溫泉竟然是不開放,好失望!自助早餐不好吃。

The rooftop hot springs are not open for maintenance. I just went to the sky open-air hot springs. It was too disappointing. At the time of booking, relux did not inform the sky open-air hot springs that they were not open during the maintenance period, leaving only the spas below. And there are many people, I want to use the hot springs to book at such expensive prices, Sky Spa is not open, so disappointed! Buffet breakfast is not good.

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Mr./Ms. M.K(63)

Select Date:2019-01-29

オホーツク流氷到来に合わせての5度目の再訪。いつもながら西館客露付の部屋は、大型ホテルにありがちな喧騒がなく、静かに壮大な流氷を見下ろしながらのウトロ温泉引湯の客室露天風呂は至極そのものだ。スタッフ一同のあいさつ、配慮、笑顔もよい。夕食は、... Read more オホーツク流氷到来に合わせての5度目の再訪。いつもながら西館客露付の部屋は、大型ホテルにありがちな喧騒がなく、静かに壮大な流氷を見下ろしながらのウトロ温泉引湯の客室露天風呂は至極そのものだ。スタッフ一同のあいさつ、配慮、笑顔もよい。夕食は、以前よりボリュームも抑えられ知床の季節感も演出されたメリハリのあるコースだと感じられた。できるなら朝食も「一汁一菜」でよいので「波音ダイニング」で食してみたいものだ。 知床で、設備・食・ホスピタリティ 3つがかみ合っている良い宿だと思う。

The fifth revisit to fit Okhotsk arrival ice. As usual, the rooms with Western-style Hakka Russ are noisy in the large-sized hotel, and quietly overlooking the magnificent drift ice, the Utsuro Onsen hot-water guest room outdoor bath is extremely awesome. All the staff greetings, consideration, smile is good. Dinner was felt to be a sharp course that was suppressed in volume and the seasonal sense of Shiretoko was produced more than before. If you can, breakfast 'Ichigo Ichiban' is good so I'd like to try it with 'Wave tone dining'. In Shiretoko, I think that it is a good accommodation where 3 facilities, foods and hospitality are interdigitated.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(68)

Select Date:2018-10-24

施設,食事,サービスとても満足し、素敵な時間を過ごすことが出来ました。 ただ、夕方ラウンジで飲み物を楽しんでいると、修学旅行生のチェックインに出くわし、興ざめでした。 また、アニバーサリー(夫の誕生日)で記念にと申込予約をしたのですが、... Read more 施設,食事,サービスとても満足し、素敵な時間を過ごすことが出来ました。 ただ、夕方ラウンジで飲み物を楽しんでいると、修学旅行生のチェックインに出くわし、興ざめでした。 また、アニバーサリー(夫の誕生日)で記念にと申込予約をしたのですが、配慮を感じられませんでした。 その2点が残念でしたが、今度は修旅の有無を確認して、連泊したいと考えております。

Facilities, meals, and services I was very happy and I was able to have a wonderful time. However, when I enjoyed drinking in the lounge in the evening, I came across a check-in on a school trip trip student and I was excited. Also, I made an application reservation for anniversary (husband's birthday) to commemorate, but I could not feel consideration. Although I was sorry about the two points, I'd like to confirm the presence or absence of excursion this time and want to stay a night.

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Mr./Ms. M.W(Private)

Select Date:2018-10-30

Friendly staff, comfort room, delicious food!!

Friendly staff, comfort room, delicious food!!

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Mr./Ms. D.Y(45)

Select Date:2018-07-08


I was deeply moved by the details I was impressed with. I certainly would like to ask again.

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Mr./Ms. T.K(48)

Select Date:2018-06-11

当日は雨天で、観光がほぼできなかったのですが、皆様のおかげで充実した休日が過ごせました。 本当にありがとうございました。 また何かの時に利用させていただきたいと思います。

It was raining on the day, I could not do much sightseeing, but thanks to everyone I could spend a fulfilling holiday. I'm really thankful to you. I would like to also use it in something.

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Mr./Ms. W.P(52)

Select Date:2018-05-29


View is very beautiful!

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Mr./Ms. Y.U(Private)

Select Date:2018-04-28

ビュッフェが苦手なので、グリル知床目当てで予約しました。和でもなく洋でもない。ただ美味しい料理に感激。 違う季節にまたいきたいです❗

Because I am not good at buffet, I reserved it for grilling Shiretoko aim for. It is neither sum nor ocean. I was impressed with the delicious food. I want to go back to a different season ❗

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Mr./Ms. Y.M(42)

Select Date:2017-09-08


I felt I was not used to responding when I was suddenly ill.

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Mr./Ms. H.T(45)

Select Date:2019-01-26

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Mr./Ms. T.M(44)

Select Date:2018-10-06

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