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リブマックスリゾート宮浜温泉 Ocean Livemax Resort Miyahama Onsen Ocean

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Livemax Resort Miyahama Onsen Ocean / Hiroshima Hiroshima・and・Miyajima 43


Winter of 2019. At the Aki Miyaham Onsen where you may view the Miyajima which is one of the three great views of Japan which centers on the Itsukushima  Shrine, the world heritage, a hotel where all of the rooms facilitate a natural hot spring open-air bath, the first in the west area of Hiroshima will be born.

The rooms of a total of 50 where the floors are distinguished separately into 4 themes all facilitate a natural hot spring open-air bath. At the Birde Zone on the top floor which uses abundant hot spring, you may enjoy high concentrated carbonated spring, rock bath, bedrock bath, and recliner room. You may enjoy a substantial spa life.

Moreover, at the restaurant "live kitchen and buffet" which was constructed under the theme, "dine the blessings of the Inland Sea", you may enjoy various cuisines such as seafood.

Livemax Resort Miyahama Onsen Ocean will offer a special time for the guests.      
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Mr./Ms. Y.I(38)

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Japanese Modern Japanese Western Room

バスローブに前の人の長い髪の毛が、ついていました。写真にあった、ソファーはなくて、冷蔵庫に、ミネラルウォーターもなくなったみたいですね。掃除もできていないのか、ほこりだらけで、嫁がガッカリしていました。客室露天風呂にカーテンもなくなっていま... Read more バスローブに前の人の長い髪の毛が、ついていました。写真にあった、ソファーはなくて、冷蔵庫に、ミネラルウォーターもなくなったみたいですね。掃除もできていないのか、ほこりだらけで、嫁がガッカリしていました。客室露天風呂にカーテンもなくなっていました。毎回、髪の毛系(前回使用した人)がついているので、洗濯会社をみなおすのも、ありかもですね、と思わざるえないくらい、ヒドイ(苦笑)掃除は、人が使うであろう掃除をしてるようです。全体を掃除をしようとは感じないです。

The bathrobe had the long hair of the previous person. It seems that there is no sofa in the photo, and there is no mineral water in the refrigerator. The bride was disappointed because it was full of dust, probably because she couldn't clean it. There were no curtains in the guest room open-air bath. Every time, the hair system (the person who used it last time) is attached, so I have to think that it may be possible to go to the laundry company, so the terrible (bitter smile) cleaning is the cleaning that people will use. It seems to be. I don't feel like cleaning the whole thing.

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Mr./Ms. Y.I(38)

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Western Modern Japanese Western Room

2回目の宿泊になります。部屋とお風呂、テレビや設備は、とてもいいと思います。スタッフ様も親切だし丁寧だし、初々しさもあるので、これから立派になっていくんじゃないでしょ~か。気遣いで不満をもたれるかたは、いるのかもしれませんが、私は、大丈夫で... Read more 2回目の宿泊になります。部屋とお風呂、テレビや設備は、とてもいいと思います。スタッフ様も親切だし丁寧だし、初々しさもあるので、これから立派になっていくんじゃないでしょ~か。気遣いで不満をもたれるかたは、いるのかもしれませんが、私は、大丈夫でした。部屋のハンガーに嫁が服をかけて、いざ、またそれを着る時に、ほこりが、服に、つきまくり、嫁が不愉快になっていましたので、ハンガーも、しっかり掃除お願いします。夕食についてですが、口コミで悪く書いてあったのですが、行ってみました。たしかに、ソーシャル的には、まずい気がしました。人と人が近いし、マスクせずに、食べ物を取りに来る人もいるし、席によっては、食べてる人のスレスレを通らないといけないとか、大声で話す人も気になりました。でも、大好きなホテルなので、また行きたいし、もっとよくなってほしいです。頑張って下さい。ありがとうございました。

This will be my second stay. I think the room and bath, TV and facilities are very good. The staff are kind and polite, and they are also new, so I think they will become better in the future. There may be people who are caring and dissatisfied, but I was fine. When my daughter-in-law put clothes on the hangers in the room, and when she put them on again, dust got stuck on her clothes, which made her uncomfortable, so please clean the hangers thoroughly. Regarding dinner, it was badly written in the word of mouth, but I went. Certainly, socially, I felt bad. People are close to each other, some people come to get food without a mask, and depending on the seat, I was worried about people who talk loudly, such as having to go through the thread of the person who is eating. But it's my favorite hotel, so I want to go there again and get better. good luck. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. Y.I(38)

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Western Modern Japanese Western Room

308の部屋をご用意頂いて、結婚記念日にとても幸せな思い出ができました。嫁的には、もう少し上の階がよかったみたいですが…。またとまりにいくので、その時は、ご配慮お願いいたします。少し気になったのは、掃除の甘さです。前日に宿泊したのであろう、... Read more 308の部屋をご用意頂いて、結婚記念日にとても幸せな思い出ができました。嫁的には、もう少し上の階がよかったみたいですが…。またとまりにいくので、その時は、ご配慮お願いいたします。少し気になったのは、掃除の甘さです。前日に宿泊したのであろう、女性の長い髪の毛が、ところところにありました…。最後にフロントにも、お伝えした内容なのですが、ホテルのパジャマのポケットに、前の人が使用したマスクが、はいったまま、洗濯して私が着ていたので、かなり落ち込みました!!結婚記念日は、いいものになりましたから、感謝しています。でも、マスクと髪の毛は、かなりヤバイとも思いました。

Having prepared 308 rooms, I had very happy memories on my wedding anniversary. As a bride, it seems that the upper floor was better ... We will go to a stop again, so please be careful at that time. I was a little worried about the sweetness of cleaning. There were some long hairs of women who probably stayed the day before ... Lastly, as I told the front desk, I was very depressed because the mask used by the previous person was washed and I wore it in my pajamas pocket at the hotel! !! I am grateful that my wedding anniversary has become a good one. However, I thought that the mask and hair were pretty dangerous.

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Livemax Resort Miyahama Onsen Ocean


2-13-10 Miyahama Osen Hatsukaichi city, Hiroshima [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

50 room(s)


A  'Live Kitchen Buffet Restaurant' where you can enjoy Western Japanese food prepared by specialised chefs. 

The recommended menu for March is as below: 

'Hiroshima Oysters' : Half of the nationwide consumption of oysters are oysters produced in Hiroshima. Hiroshima oysters are on the smaller side, but the special feature of the oysters is the sweetness of the meat. 
'Bulgogi': We have prepared the Korean representative meat dish. After a lot of specialised study, our chefs have prepared a secret marinade for a great amount of meat and vegetables which you can enjoy grilling yourself. 
*We have prepared a gas stove at each seat* 
'Chocolate Fondue': Please enjoy the seasonal strawberry chocolate. 
'Local Alcohol': The area around Hiroshima is heaven for local alcohol. From spicy to sweet local spirits, to famous alcohols from the Yamaguchi prefecture area, we have a great lineup. 
'Carp Umeshu': If you think of Hiroshima, you think 'Hiroshima Carp'! There are 3 large LCD TVs in the restaurant. How about drinking the official plum wine of the Carps while supporting them? 

Dinner: 17:30-21:00 (LO/20:30)
Breakfast: 7:00-9:30 (LO/9:00) 
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On the top floor 'Bade Zone' as well as the spa corner, there is a rock bath and recliner loungers. 

Spa Zone: Completely Natural Hot Spring

Open Air Bath Area
Starting with 'Miyajima' as well as 'Hiroshima Town' and the 'Seto Inland Construction Area' you can enjoy the night view from the panoramic open air bath, as well as the carbonated spring waters, the bedrock bath and an infinity bath. 

Indoor Bathing Area
Starting with the indoor natural hot spring bath, you can enjoy the rare Hiroshima sauna which has been introduced on TV. We have also prepared a cold water bath set at 17 degrees in the summer and 18 degrees in the winter. 

Please enjoy our facilities during the nationwide sauna boom. 

Miyahama Hot Spring
The Miyahama Hot Spring which was set up 50 years ago, has the rare quality of being a 'weak radioactivity low hot spring'. 
This is a hot spring with a typical hot spring scent and gentle water. 

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Other facility information

Bade Zone 

'Bedrock Bath' A 'Far Infrared Steam Bath' on 7 floors, using natural rocks and can be used for day use only customers as well. 

'Relaxation Room' Please enjoy relaxing on the 'Individual TV equipped Recliners' that have been prepared with comics. 

'Pool' There is a jacuzzi as well as an infinity pool with the theme of 'Music x Water Fun' 
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Open on December 20th 2019
A resort hotel with natural hot spring open air bath of a total of 50 rooms born, and the reservations has started.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

Hiroshima station: other than cars/JR Sanyo main line Hiroshima station-Onoura station (to the direction of Iwakuni approx.35 minutes)

Osaka: other than cars/Shinkansen "Shinosaka station" or "Shinkobe station"→Hiroshima station→Onoura station

*Other than cars/If you are using the plane, the nearby airport will be Iwakuni airport.

2-13-10 Miyahama Osen Hatsukaichi city, Hiroshima

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