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Thank you for visiting Relux. If you have any questions, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you did not find your answer there, please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Q.1 How can I sign-up to Relux?
If you do not receive confirmation e-mail from Relux, please untag domain specification from
After that, please sign-up again.
Q.2 I want to change my password.
Please log in Relux and proceed to account, my menu, and click modify and change password.
Direct Link :
Q.3 I don't want e-mail magazine.
Please log in Relux and proceed account, my menu, profile and click modify and un check recieve of e-mail magazine. Lastly, click apply and it will be refreshed.
Q.4 I cannot proceed to booking.
Please contact us directly from contact form or call.

Contact form:
Customer support: 050-3066-0628(Weekday10:00-19:00 JST)
Q.5 What is Relux coupon?
Relux coupon is dicount ticket for your stay. You can apply it when you book.
Check what kind of coupon you have.
Q.6 What is Relux credit?
Relux credit is the point you earn when your friend signed-up for Relux.
1pt applies for ¥1.
Check how many point you have.
Q.7 How can I cancel Relux membership?
Please log in Relux and proceed account, my menu, modify and click cancel the membership.
Q.8 I want to make a plan for stay.
Relux concierge service is available for every Relux member. We will carefully support your stay.
Please feel free to contact us.
Direct Link:
Q.9 Can I change booked plan?
We are afraid but, you cannot change your booked plan.
Please cancel the booking first, and re-schedule your plan.
Contact us freely if you stuck cancelling or found it difficult to change.

Inquiry Form:
Relux Customer Support:050-3066-0628(Mon.-Sat. JST10:00-19:00)
Q.10 What if I have a question after I making a reservation?
If you have any questions regarding the accommodation, please directly contact the accommodation. You could check the contact info from your reservation confirmation mail.
Q.11 Is the price shown the total cost for each individual?
The price shown next to the room type is the total room fare (tax excluded) of each individual.
To check the total cost including tax, please press Reserve.
Q.12 How can I find the accommodations which are coupons available?
Please select your distination and date and move to results. On the results, you may find the "Discount available" option on the left side so check the box and press "Research". You can use your coupons/points on all results shown.
Q.13 Will the points/coupons be counted as used once I used the points/coupons when I book and cancel the booking afterward?
No, you can reuse your points/coupons as long as those are not expired.
You can check your available points/coupons below.
Q.14 What is the lowest price guaranteed policy?
Relux guarantees the best deals in Japan. In case the prices are not the lowest, we will refund the the balance cost.

For the details, please check the webpage below.
Q.15 How can I change my personal infomation?
You can change your personal infomation from the page below.

*If you fill your address/phone number, you can skip the part when you book.
Q.16 If I cancelled by booking which was paid by credit card in advance, when will I be refunded?
If you cancel your bookings for free according to the ryokans and hotels' cancellation policy,
you will be fully refund at the same time.
But since different credit card companies and banks has different regulations,
it might take 5 days ~ 3 weeks to refund the money back to your card.
For the detailed information, please ask your credit card company or bank.
Q.17 What is Friend Invitation Campaign?
Friends Invitation Campaign is a campaign that gives ¥5,000 coupon to you and your friend if you invite your friend to Relux. Your friend will get ¥5,000 coupon when he/she signed up. You will get ¥5,000 Relux credit when after your friend used Relux first time and check-out.

Invite your freinds from below.
Q.18 How can I cancel my booking?
Please follow below.

1. Log-in to Relux and visit page below.

2. Please click "booking canccelation"

3. Please select the reason and click "booking cancel" again
*You will get confirmation e-mail
Q.19 Payment method
You can celect either below.

1. On-site payment: Pay your booking cost on-site by cash or credit card.
*Credit card unavailable at some accommodations. Please check Ryokan service section to confirm.
*Please follow Ryokan's instructions if there any.

2. Online payment: pay online by credit card.
You are going to pay the booking cost in advance so you do not have to pay on-site. Settelment date will be on the day you booked.
*Please follow Ryokan's instructions if there any. Check the Ryokan profile page.
Q.20 Credit Card Fees?
Relux does not charge credit card fees to users.
Because Relux is a Japan-based online booking site, transactions will be settled in JPY.
If your credit card company is not based in Japan, you payment will be concidered as an overseas transaction. If you have any questions regarding the credit card fees, please contact your Credit Card company.
Q.21 An error occurs on the payment page.
Please check the following.
1. Check if the name is typed in correctly (whether any numbers or special letters are typed in, or if you entered more than 1 space).
For example, if your name is Aa BbCc, Aa and Bb and Cc are 3 characters.
× Aa Bb-Cc (no special letters
× Aa Bb Cc(only 1 space is available
◯ Aa BbCc (correct

2. Check if the credit card is still valid or if it exceeded its limit.
Q.22 How do I use Relux coupons?
1. Check the [Coupon] box in the [Use coupons or points] section of the reservation page.
2. Type in the code of the coupon you would like to use or select one and click [Apply].
3. After you have clicked [Apply], the amount will be discounted. After that, fill in the remaining necessary information and click [Reserve] and the reservation will be completed.
▲For the terms and conditions of Relux coupons and coupons currently possessed.
Q.23 How to Confirm the Cancellation Policy
1) By PC Website
Please pick a check-in and check-out date from the room types. The cancellation policy description will be in the ‘Booking criteria’ for vacant rooms. Please refer to this for the cancellation policy.
2) By the Phone App
After you have picked a room type, please continue onto the reservation screen. On the very bottom of the reservation form, there will be a description of the ‘cancellation policy’. Please refer to this for the cancellation policy.
Q.24 When I booked the hotel which accepts "on-site payment," I did not enter my credit card information. In this case, does my reservation completed successfully?
On-site payment means to pay the accommodation fee when you check-in/check-out. If the booking number issued, your reservation has completed without your credit card information.
Q.25 Are the accommodation price includes bath and accommodation tax?
The bath and accommodation tax are not included in the accommodation price. Please pay when you stayed. Also, the total amount of tax will be different in each accommodation. If you require a more detailed explanation on this, please contact us for more information to Relux concierge.
Q.26 When I booked the accommodation, I missed applying the Relux point/coupon. Is it possible to use the Relux point/coupon after the reservation made?
It is not possible to apply the Relux point/coupon once your reservation made. Please, re-book the accommodation again, at the same time please cancel the reservation you missed to use the Relux point/coupon.

Reservation availability changes real-time; thus you might not be re-book the same accommodation again.
Q.27 Is it possible to change the payment method after the reservation has completed?
It is not possible to change the payment method after the reservation has completed.
Q.28 What is the automatic translation function?
Currently, automatic translation is applied to some sections in English page.
The corresponding sections are indicated with an explanation of automatic translation, along with a button to use the function.
If there are any parts which are difficult to understand due to automatic translation, please contact our concierge team.
Q.29 Regarding the Description of Countermeasures for COVID-19
In order for our users to travel safely and with confidence, we have begun to show each accommodation's countermeasures for COVID-19 by icons and a description box, starting July 13, 2020. (Only applicable to those accommodations who have filled out the information.)
This information is shown under the accommodation pictures if viewing from PC, or inside the accommodation description section if viewing from a smartphone.
Please note that automatic translation is applied to these sections. If there are any parts which are difficult to understand due to automatic translation, please contact our concierge team.

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