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定山渓第一寶亭留 翠山亭
Jyozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei

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Other Facilities3.7/5

Mr./Ms. D.M(29)

Select Date:2019-04-06

施設が経年劣化するのは仕方ないと思うのですが、窓枠のところにてんとう虫の死骸があるのは単純に管理不足だと思う。 あとはよく言えば親しみやすいのかもしれないけれど、清掃職員の方などの言葉遣いが気になった。 料理も美味しくないわけではないけ... Read more 施設が経年劣化するのは仕方ないと思うのですが、窓枠のところにてんとう虫の死骸があるのは単純に管理不足だと思う。 あとはよく言えば親しみやすいのかもしれないけれど、清掃職員の方などの言葉遣いが気になった。 料理も美味しくないわけではないけれど、席に座る前からせっせとおかれていたり、値段相応とはとてもいえないものと感じた。

I think that there is no excuse for the facility to age over time, but I think that there is simply a lack of management of the ladybug's dead body at the window frame. The rest may be familiar if you say well, but I was worried about the wording such as the cleaning staff. The food isn't delicious either, but I felt that it was a good idea before I sat down, and I could not say that it was a reasonable price.

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Mr./Ms. M.S(23)

Select Date:2018-02-01


The dishes were very delicious except duck pot. I also ate lunch at the same place but it was delicious. However, only duck has taste, but it was hard and could not be eaten.

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Mr./Ms. S.N(61)

Select Date:2017-11-29

蟹 会席を食べましたが、焼き蟹が 焼きすぎで 身が縮んでいてかたかった。 蟹刺しがなかった。全体に蟹は、少しずつ入っていたが どれも 普通すぎて あまり蟹を堪能できなかった。 わざわざ蟹を食べるだけに北海道まで飛行機できたのに、残念だ... Read more 蟹 会席を食べましたが、焼き蟹が 焼きすぎで 身が縮んでいてかたかった。 蟹刺しがなかった。全体に蟹は、少しずつ入っていたが どれも 普通すぎて あまり蟹を堪能できなかった。 わざわざ蟹を食べるだけに北海道まで飛行機できたのに、残念だった

Although I had a crab meal, my baked crab was too hard and my body was shrinking. There was no crab stab. Entire crabs were contained little by little, but none were too ordinary I could not enjoy crabs too much. Although I was able to fly to Hokkaido just to bother to eat crab, it was a pity

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Mr./Ms. K.F(55)

Select Date:2017-01-15

お値段の割には、施設や食事が期待以下でした。 二度と行きたいとは思えないです。

For the price, facilities and meals were less than expected. I do not think I would like to go again.

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Mr./Ms. A.Y(34)

Select Date:2016-10-26

お部屋の源泉掛け流し風呂から見る紅葉は最高でした。雪景色になっても綺麗でしょうね。ぜひ雪の季節にも行きたいと思いました。朝、夜とご飯も美味しくボリュームもあり満足でした。バーも素敵でカクテルもおいしかったです。無料のパンやコーヒー、森の湯な... Read more お部屋の源泉掛け流し風呂から見る紅葉は最高でした。雪景色になっても綺麗でしょうね。ぜひ雪の季節にも行きたいと思いました。朝、夜とご飯も美味しくボリュームもあり満足でした。バーも素敵でカクテルもおいしかったです。無料のパンやコーヒー、森の湯などは時間がなく、楽しむことができず残念でした。次回は長めの滞在で全てを満喫したいです。

Autumnal leaves seen from the source sprinkling bath of the room was the best. Even if it turns into a snowy scene it will be beautiful. I definitely wanted to go to the season of snow. Morning, evening and rice was delicious, there was volume, too and was satisfying. The bar was also nice and the cocktail was delicious. Free bread and coffee, hot water of the forest, etc. had no time and I was sorry that I could not enjoy it. Next time I would like to enjoy everything with a long stay.

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Mr./Ms. S.S(63)

Select Date:2016-09-20


Although it was the second use, thank you for using me. I stayed at Wagonro Noguchi of Noboribetsu Onsen the previous day, but I think that your house was better on a fine side. I also think that I would like to take care in November.

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Mr./Ms. D.M(36)

Select Date:2016-09-04

空調設備のトラブルで、急遽寝室が使えなくなってしまいましたが従業員の方々の対応に非常に好感が持てました。 就寝用にわざわざ別室を用意してくださったり、寝坊して食べ損ねた朝食の代わりにおにぎりと温かい味噌汁を部屋まで運んでいただいたりと至れ... Read more 空調設備のトラブルで、急遽寝室が使えなくなってしまいましたが従業員の方々の対応に非常に好感が持てました。 就寝用にわざわざ別室を用意してくださったり、寝坊して食べ損ねた朝食の代わりにおにぎりと温かい味噌汁を部屋まで運んでいただいたりと至れり尽くせりでした。 施設周辺の景観も非常に良く、日常を忘れる一時を過ごせました。 是非また足を運びたいと思います、ありがとうございました。

Because of the trouble of the air conditioning equipment, the bedroom could not be used suddenly but it was very favorable for the correspondence of the people of the employee. It was a wonderful experience to prepare a separate room for sleeping or to bring a rice ball and warm miso soup to the room in lieu of breakfast which you overslept and overslept. The scenery around the facility was also very good, and I was able to spend a time to forget everyday life. I certainly would like to visit again, thank you.

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Mr./Ms. M.O(32)

Select Date:2016-05-01


Thank you very much for flexibly responding to a sudden room meal request as a response that has caught a cold.

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Mr./Ms. S.K(37)

Select Date:2016-04-11


Thank you for a wonderful time. The rooms and baths were wonderful, but those who corresponded at the reception, those who took us to the room, the staff at the time of dinner, the bartender, everyone's correspondence is soft and lovely was.

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Mr./Ms. K.K(41)

Select Date:2015-08-11


It was the only negative point that room temperature adjustment was difficult. Other than that I was satisfied.

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