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水のみち 風のみち 湯ヶ島たつた Ryokan Tatsuta

casual Ryokan/Inn
Ryokan Tatsuta / Shizuoka Nakaizu 14


Enjoy a luxurious time doing nothing in the nature with someone special to you.

The only Ryokan with a river bed at Izu Hakone.
During the summer, listen to the murmuring of the stream and relax. 
Warm yourself up a little during the spring and autumn from your feet.
In winter, enjoy looking at the snow while making yourself warm.

There is an older wing where you can enjoy the view of the mountain stream on 1F-3F and a newer wing with authentic Japanese style rooms on 4F-6F.

Yugajima is an onsen with plentiful water.
The overflowing onsen is renewed every morning, and has an outstanding freshness. 
Have a nice time bathing in the 4 private outdoor spas with different taste without getting disturbed by other guests.

Enjoy fresh seafood and vegetables for your meals.
Try out some special Izu dishes like Wasabi Hot pot and Amago Sashimi.

Have a free, relaxing stay at Ryokan Tatsuta      
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Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Other Facilities3.6/5

Mr./Ms. Y.H(26)

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Japanese Style Room with wide corridor

お風呂が貸切が多く、入り方や入浴のアドバイスなど含め今まで行った中で一番よかったです。 夕食をとっていない中で、遅く到着した我々に夜食を出して頂いて心温まりました。 ただ、手紙は直筆の方が親身に伝わるかと思います。 数値として5段階で... Read more お風呂が貸切が多く、入り方や入浴のアドバイスなど含め今まで行った中で一番よかったです。 夕食をとっていない中で、遅く到着した我々に夜食を出して頂いて心温まりました。 ただ、手紙は直筆の方が親身に伝わるかと思います。 数値として5段階ですが、川に面した安らぎを頂ける面や、入浴、部屋の風呂や水道などが温泉という細かな喜びを与えて頂ける面を考えれば10の評価を入れさせて頂きたい程満足でした。 PS.また、必ず人生ゲームを借りに行きます。

There are many private baths, and it was the best I have ever done, including advice on how to enter and bathing. While we were not having dinner, it was heartwarming to have a late night meal for us who arrived late. However, I think that the letter will be handed down more personally. The numerical value is 5 stages, but it is satisfactory enough to give a rating of 10 if you consider the aspect that you can feel the peace facing the river, the bathing, the bath in the room and the water supply can give you the fine pleasure of hot springs was. PS. I will definitely go borrowing a life game.

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Mr./Ms. K.K(44)

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Showa Japanese Room with spacious veranda

今回は急な予約でしたので、掲載されている写真をメインでこちらを選びました。ただお風呂の写真がメインでしたので、チェックインしてからお部屋を見てからあまりの乖離にびっくりしました。急な予約でしたので仕方がないですが、ちょっと残念でした。 ... Read more 今回は急な予約でしたので、掲載されている写真をメインでこちらを選びました。ただお風呂の写真がメインでしたので、チェックインしてからお部屋を見てからあまりの乖離にびっくりしました。急な予約でしたので仕方がないですが、ちょっと残念でした。 あと、どなたかが記入されておりましたが、旧館のお部屋は確かに年季の入った建物のせいで、見えない隙間から虫が入ってくるようです。 今回の利用がまだ暑くない時期でしたので恐らくマシだったと思いますが、暑い時期にはそれなりの覚悟は必要と思います。 食事に関しては、期待をはるかに超える美味しさでした。地元の食材をふんだんに使ったメニューをそれとなく用意されていました。 また、メニュー提供のお料理を極力少なくして、残りはビュッフェ方式で提供されておりました。梅の天ぷらは衝撃的であり、非常に美味しかったです。

This time it was a sudden reservation, so I chose this in the main picture posted. Since the picture of the bath was the main, I was surprised at how much I left the room after I checked in. I had no choice because it was a sudden reservation, but I was a little disappointed. Also, who was filled in, but in the rooms of the old building, it seems that insects come in through the invisible gap due to the buildings that entered the season. I think it was probably better as it was not a hot time this time, but I think it is necessary to be prepared for it in hot time. As far as the food is concerned, the taste was far beyond expectations. The menu which used local ingredients abundantly was prepared without it. Also, the menu offering was reduced as much as possible, and the rest was served in a buffet manner. The plum tempura was shocking and very delicious.

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Mr./Ms. R.N(36)

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【Main Building】Japanese Style Room + Wide Corridor

宿泊中、お風呂4ヶ所を楽しめると思っていたが実際には2ヶ所のみで後の2つは23時くらいまでで朝もダメ。そこがまずひとつ残念。 口コミで書いてありますがお湯が出ない。これに関しては口コミを見てればですがなんてことはないと思っていました。... Read more 宿泊中、お風呂4ヶ所を楽しめると思っていたが実際には2ヶ所のみで後の2つは23時くらいまでで朝もダメ。そこがまずひとつ残念。 口コミで書いてありますがお湯が出ない。これに関しては口コミを見てればですがなんてことはないと思っていました。実際部屋にもその旨ありました。が大浴場に行ってまさか全然お湯が出ないとは。きっと出しっぱなしにして5分くらいではでるのかな?人がいなくてよかったですが、いたらそこまで広くはないので厳しいかと。 これは全然でなかったので個浴へ。 食事処は静かでした。少し寒い? ご飯もそれなりかと。みなさん書いている朝の魚は本当に小さくて食べ辛いです。個人的には朝もなにかスイーツが欲しいところですね。 人に関しても書かれていますが少人数ですが頑張っている感はあり、よっぽどの接客を求めている方でなければ悪くないと思います。

I thought that we could enjoy 4 baths while staying, but in reality there are only 2 places and the latter two are around 23 o'clock in the morning. That is my first regret. It's written in word of mouth but there is no hot water. As for this, I thought that there was nothing when I saw the word of mouth. Actually there was that effect. I went to a big public bath and there was no hot water at all. I'm sure I will leave in 5 minutes or so will it be? It was nice that there was no person, but if it were, it would not be wide so it would be tough. Because this was not at all, I went to a private bath. The food was quiet. A little cold? I wonder if the rice is right. The morning fish we are writing is really small and hard to eat. Personally, I want some sweets in the morning. Although it is written about people, although there are a small number of people, there is a feeling that I am doing my best and I think that it is not bad unless you are looking for a good customer service.

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Ryokan Tatsuta


347 Yugasjima, Izu-shi, Shizuoka [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

24 room(s)


The restaurant "Kawadoko" and "Dining Hall Hotaru" open up by reservation only and depending on the plan, the location will be different. Please check whether it says "Kawadoko" or "Dining Hall"
※You may not change the location on the day

A restaurant with seats prepared on the side of the mountain stream. Please enjoy your meal with the murmuring of the streams right next to you. Also, it is the first place where you can enjoy the river bed during the autumn and winter as well. As there is a tent, you may access the river bed on days with rain.
Spring: "Okota Kawadoko" with kotatsu (9 seats)
Summer: Noryo Kawadoko (10 seats
Autumn: "Okota Kawadoko" with kotatsu (9 seats)
Winter: "Stove Kawadoko" with stove (5 seats)

※If the wind is strong, your meal may be served in your room instead.
※Primary school children and younger are not allowed at the river bed
※Smoking is prohibited
※ Breakfast will be prepared at "Dish Restaurant Hotaru."
※ It is an outdoor seat. Please be aware that there are warmth and creatures depending on the season.

◆ ◆ food restaurant hotaru ◆
In the indoor venue, it is a table seat in a semi-private room where all seats are separated by a 150 cm partition. Please enjoy in half-biking format.

○ Ichinosuke (example): aperitif ・ pre-sake ・ sashimi ・ pan-dish
Hot pot is the popular menu "Wasabi nabe" from Amagi. The hot taste of wasabi flies and only the smell remains, and the compatibility with Amagi army chicken soup is outstanding!

○ Ninosuke: A seasonal Japanese buffet
Items are lined with items from Izu and Amagi. Featured ingredients ★ Amagi black pig ★!

With Amagi Black Pig
There is little circulation in Izu, but it is a phantom black pig that can not be obtained in general in general. Even though it's strong and thick, it offers silky and refreshing flavored meats tailored to your location.

※ Because the amount of distribution itself is small, the main may differ depending on the stocking situation.
※ All seats are non smoking.
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There are 4 private spas which do not need reservation if it is open, in addition to the men and women public bath

≪Yugajima Tatsuta Onsen≫
▼100 % Overflowing Onsen▼
The water at the public bath and private spa have not gone under any process; it is 100% natural. The water from the hot springs are also pulled to your guestrooms

Onsen with pH 8.0. It is known that it is the perfect pH for beautiful skin.
As all of the bathroom are cleaned everyday from 10AM, and the water is renewed everyday the water inside the bathroom are freshly kept.

▼Bathe whenever you like▼
You may bathe whenever you like during your stay: during the night and until check-out.

≪Private Spa≫
You may use the 4 private spas whenever you like if they are open as many times as you like.
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Other facility information

♦Outdoor Hammock Cafe Madoromiぢ文
Outdoor Cafe which is located at "Kaze no michi" in the outdoor area of our hotel.
It faces the footpath "Yumichi" and is surrounded by bamboo forest, mountain streams and mountains. Spend a nice time with coffee from our partnered local coffee factory.

Open Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Closed on days with rain)
Closed Days: Irregular Holiday (Depending on the holidays of Ryokan Tatsuta)
Seats: 10 seats (Hammock x 9, Rocking chair x 1)
Smoking is allowed (Please ask at the counter)
Pets are allowed at the cafe only

♦Mini Shop♦
Gallery shop with Showa Retro items. You may purchase some of the items, excluding the items that are not for sale 
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●Shuttle Bus service
We have a shuttle bus service to "Yugajima" Bus stop. (3 minutes to Yugajima Tatsuta Bus Stop from Shuzenji) Please let us know before you get on the bus. We will pick you up at the bus stop at the time of your arrival to the bus stop.
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●If you would like to reserve a seat at the river bed, please pick a plan that says "Kawadoko". If it says "Dining Hall" then your meals will be served at the dining hall, "Hotaru". Please check which plan you are reserving because changes cannot be made on the day.

●If you reserve a plan with dinner, please be aware that if your check in time is later than 20:00, we will not be able to prepare your dinner or give you a refund. Please let us know if your time of arrival will be later than 18:00. 

●We will change meal plans for people with allergies for 2000 yen. There are possibilities where we may not be able to meet your needs. Please ask the hotel for more information.

●Smoking is allowed in most of the guestrooms. If you would like to stay in a non-smoking room, we will deodorize the room and install an air cleaner.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

Shinkansen・Tokaido Main Line Mishima Station → (Izu Hakone Tetsudo 30 mins) → Shuzenji Station → (Tokai Bus No.5 30 mins) → Yugajima Onsen Guchi. 5 mins from the bus stop

347 Yugasjima, Izu-shi, Shizuoka

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