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Mr./Ms. Y.U(49)

Select Date:2019-07-07

携帯アプリからの予約で値段も安く大分市内も近くて利用しています。普通車、大きめの車は近くの有料駐車場利用となるのが残念ですが、宿泊には問題なし!朝食は半年前とメニューが変わってないけどコスパ相応の内容でしょう✨ 特に施設に求める事はありま... Read more 携帯アプリからの予約で値段も安く大分市内も近くて利用しています。普通車、大きめの車は近くの有料駐車場利用となるのが残念ですが、宿泊には問題なし!朝食は半年前とメニューが変わってないけどコスパ相応の内容でしょう✨ 特に施設に求める事はありません。また利用させていただきます。ありがとうございました。

Price is cheap with reservation from mobile application and Oita city is near and uses, too. It is a pity that regular cars and large cars will use the nearby paid parking lot, but there is no problem with accommodation! Breakfast is half a year ago and the menu has not changed, but the content of the cospa is appropriate. ✨ There is nothing to ask for in particular facilities. I will be using this again. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. T.S(38)

Select Date:2019-06-13


I was indebted for four nights.

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Mr./Ms. T.S(37)

Select Date:2019-06-12

先月、今月共にお世話になりました。 部屋も広く、大分空港行きのバス停に近く便利でした。またお世話になることもあると思うのでそのときは宜しくお願い致します。

Last month, we both took care of this month. Room was large, too and was convenient for bus stop for Oita Airport. In addition, I think that I may be indebted, and I would appreciate your favor at that time.

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Mr./Ms. T.S(37)

Select Date:2019-05-29

駅からもそんなに離れてなかったですし、何より大分空港行きバス停の近くで便利でした、部屋は思ったより広く、接客も丁寧な対応など有り難うございました。 一つだけ残念なのが部屋の掃除が少し雑かなと思いました。

It was not so far from the station, and more convenient than Oita Airport bus stop above all, the room is wider than I thought, thank you for courteous response etc. I thought that cleaning of the room was a bit messy that one was a shame.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(27)

Select Date:2019-05-10

仕事の都合でチェックインが日付がまわってしまいましたが、丁寧に対応して頂きありがとうございます。 アメニティも良く、空気清浄機も大きいサイズのものがあり快適に過ごせました。お値段以上のクオリティです。 ポットの注ぎ口のフィルターに黒いの... Read more 仕事の都合でチェックインが日付がまわってしまいましたが、丁寧に対応して頂きありがとうございます。 アメニティも良く、空気清浄機も大きいサイズのものがあり快適に過ごせました。お値段以上のクオリティです。 ポットの注ぎ口のフィルターに黒いのが着いていたので、次回も利用させて頂きたいのでキレイになってると嬉しいです。

Check-in date has been around for the convenience of work, thank you for your polite response. Amenity was good, and there was thing of large size air cleaner, too and could spend comfortably. It is quality more than price. The filter on the pot's spout was black, so I'll be happy to use it again next time.

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Mr./Ms. T.Y(56)

Select Date:2019-04-21


This is my third time using, but there are a lot of dust on the floor of the room.

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Mr./Ms. M.S(53)

Select Date:2019-04-13

ツインを二部屋予約しましたが、別々の階になったのは初めてでとても不便でした。冷蔵庫が魚の腐ったような臭いがして中に入れてたものまで臭いがついてしまいました。 立地は良かったのにとても残念です。

I booked two twin rooms, but it was the first time I went to separate floors and it was very inconvenient. The refrigerator smelled like a rotten fish and the smell came in to what I had in it. It is very disappointing though the location was good.

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Mr./Ms. J.L(Private)

Select Date:2019-04-02


Good location, good service

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Mr./Ms. H.H(43)

Select Date:2019-03-18


The room is clean, small and comfortable! The location is also very good, shopping is also very close.

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Mr./Ms. B.K(49)

Select Date:2019-01-29

욕실 샤워헤드가 한 번씩 빠졌어요. 테라스가 있고 햇볕이 잘 들어서 정말 만족했어요. 다른 도시에 가면 다이와로이넷에 자주 묵는데, 오이타는 다시 방문해도 이곳으로 갈꺼에요~~ ^^*

The bathroom shower head was missing once. I was really happy with the terrace and the sunshine. When I go to another city, I often stay in Daiwa Roynet, but I will go here again if I visit Oita again ~~ ^^ *

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Mr./Ms. K.T(60)

Select Date:2019-01-16


I'm using my husband and friends to change my mood, but I like the customer very much very much ♪ Thank you very much

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Mr./Ms. M.M(53)

Select Date:2019-01-14

ホームページの写真で見るより実際のお部屋はとても狭くカーテンがレーンから外れていたりスタンドがダメージがあったり浴室の排水が悪かったりで二度は利用しないなと思ってしまうホテルでした。価格帯が高くないホテルでも最低限の設備はないとリピートには... Read more ホームページの写真で見るより実際のお部屋はとても狭くカーテンがレーンから外れていたりスタンドがダメージがあったり浴室の排水が悪かったりで二度は利用しないなと思ってしまうホテルでした。価格帯が高くないホテルでも最低限の設備はないとリピートにはつながらないと思います。

It was a hotel that I thought that the actual room is very narrow and the curtain is out of the lane, the stand is damaged, the drainage of the bathroom is bad or not used twice than seen from the photograph of the homepage. Even at hotels where the price range is not high, I think that it will not lead to repeat unless there is minimum facilities.

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Mr./Ms. K.T(60)

Select Date:2018-12-16


My home is Oita ... sometimes I use it with my friends and my husband !! There is a sense of cleanliness, I like it very much !!

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Mr./Ms. M.W(21)

Select Date:2018-09-15

お部屋の設備はとても満足しました。 最上階でテラスがあって、朝は朝日が差し込んで気持ちよく起きれて、夜は夜景が綺麗でした。 車の管理もしっかりして頂いて、ロビーでの挨拶もして頂けて気持ちよく過ごせました。 お部屋の清掃もしっかりして頂... Read more お部屋の設備はとても満足しました。 最上階でテラスがあって、朝は朝日が差し込んで気持ちよく起きれて、夜は夜景が綺麗でした。 車の管理もしっかりして頂いて、ロビーでの挨拶もして頂けて気持ちよく過ごせました。 お部屋の清掃もしっかりして頂けて、部屋に帰ってからもゆっくり過ごせました。

The facilities of the room was very satisfied. There was a terrace on the top floor, the morning was inserted in the morning and it got up comfortably, and the night view was beautiful at night. I got a good management of the car and got a greeting in the lobby so I was able to spend pleasantly. I was able to clean the room well and I was able to spend it slowly even after I returned to the room.

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Mr./Ms. K.T(60)

Select Date:2018-08-30


I like it recently! I am satisfied with the size of the bed! Because the location is also good, it is good to go out for drinking! Also convenience stores are close and there is also a feeling of cleanliness I will also occasionally use it

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Mr./Ms. M.J(55)

Select Date:2018-07-07

辛口で書かせていただきます。洗面の蛇口からお湯が出て温度調節ができず、ブラインドの羽が1枚外れていて、枕も柔らかすぎでリラックスできない宿泊でした。飲み会で泊まったのですがどこで水を買えばよかったのか判らず朝まで我慢して、朝食に行きましたが... Read more 辛口で書かせていただきます。洗面の蛇口からお湯が出て温度調節ができず、ブラインドの羽が1枚外れていて、枕も柔らかすぎでリラックスできない宿泊でした。飲み会で泊まったのですがどこで水を買えばよかったのか判らず朝まで我慢して、朝食に行きましたがジュース類が100%のものではなく甘すぎてがっかりでした。

I write it in a dry state. Hot water came out from the faucet in the washstand and temperature control was impossible, blind feathers were off one, and the pillow was too soft and unable to relax. I stayed at a drinking party but I did not know where I should have bought water, I endured it until the morning and went for breakfast but the juice was not 100% nice and it was too disappointing.

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Mr./Ms. K.T(60)

Select Date:2018-06-29


I stayed with my husband on my way back from my birthday celebration !! I thought it was cleaner than I thought, the bed was large and the room was clean, too! One time in a month I want to use it again on the way back from drinking party etc. think.

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Mr./Ms. T.Y(56)

Select Date:2018-04-30


Although it was a room on the 14th floor, I think that it is a rooftop air conditioning equipment, but the noise is noisy, the electricity at the feet of the veranda was also cleared and I could not sleep at night.The room was also hot and the air conditioning was to say that there was only a blast .

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Mr./Ms. A.S(62)

Select Date:2018-04-15


I did not complain any dissatisfaction, I rested, it is enough hotel even if it is not a luxury hotel.

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Mr./Ms. S.N(39)

Select Date:2018-03-25


The price is affordable, and facilities are clean, too and I would like to use again.

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Mr./Ms. S.N(39)

Select Date:2019-01-25

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Mr./Ms. T.Y(56)

Select Date:2018-12-23

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Mr./Ms. K.S(53)

Select Date:2018-11-07

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Mr./Ms. M.T(50)

Select Date:2018-07-07

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