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葛城北の丸 Katsuragi kitanomaru

  • Shizuoka > Kakegawa
Katsuragi kitanomaru / Shizuoka Iwata・Fukuroi・Kakegawa 127


Katsuragi Kito no Maru has charm and style that allows you to feel the beauty of Japan that you can't find anywhere else.

Turn off the music and go deep into the grounds of this grand hotel and listen to the sounds of nature such as the chirping of birds. You will have the time to let your heart feel at ease and feel the beauty of Japan. 

Climb the lush green hill road and an imitation tenement house gate of samurai residence will appear before your eyes. There are clusters of solemn yet stylish Japanese buildings and a spacious garden that emulate the beauty and the changing season.
Here we are fixated on every corner of the present castle plains. We invite you to spend time in this area that has a luxurious Japanese influence of old. 

In such a fine quality place, you can also feel the warmth of the wood. Kita no Maru is built using deconstructed wood from old houses in the Hokuriku region. The color, scent and the feel of the materials: The several century-old wooden structures have not changed in appearance and have kept its graceful aroma. Furthermore, the thick, solid pillars and beams that have protected the house from heavy snow invite you to come back to its' peaceful atmosphere.  

The ryokan's warmth and the easy use of the hotel are both as important as the tranquility of the castle. Every day is enveloped in hospitality from the heart. Your heart will feel at ease as you spend fine quality time at Katsuragi Kita no Maru.      
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Other Facilities4.4/5

Mr./Ms. R.K(59)

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Fuji Deluxe Twin

施設もとても綺麗に清掃され、庭園も丁寧に手入れがされていた。 接客も気軽に声をかける事ができ、気配りも大変良いと思いました。  フロント・清掃係り・その他 ホテル内で出会うスタッフ皆さんがお声をかけてくれる。 サービス精神が素敵でした... Read more 施設もとても綺麗に清掃され、庭園も丁寧に手入れがされていた。 接客も気軽に声をかける事ができ、気配りも大変良いと思いました。  フロント・清掃係り・その他 ホテル内で出会うスタッフ皆さんがお声をかけてくれる。 サービス精神が素敵でした。 また、宿泊したいですね。 ありがとうございました。

The facilities were also very clean and the garden was carefully maintained. The customer service was easy to talk to and I was very attentive. The front desk, cleaning staff, and other staff who meet in the hotel will speak to you. Service spirit was lovely. In addition, we want to stay. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. T.T(Private)

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Fuji Deluxe Twin

良かったです。 又ごりようしたいです。

It was good. I want to get rid of it again.

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Mr./Ms. A.S(56)

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Fuji Deluxe Twin

 素晴らしい建築でした。古民家を移築して遺そうという、日本文化に対する貢献という意味では、「さすが世界のYAMAHA」と感服です。しかしながら、文化遺産に宿泊体験、見学会ではありません。結構な金額を払って、「最高の施設で最高のおもてなし」を... Read more  素晴らしい建築でした。古民家を移築して遺そうという、日本文化に対する貢献という意味では、「さすが世界のYAMAHA」と感服です。しかしながら、文化遺産に宿泊体験、見学会ではありません。結構な金額を払って、「最高の施設で最高のおもてなし」を期待して行った者としては、少し、物足りなかったな、と思います。お部屋は2階で大きな窓から緑が見えるつくりで、癒されました。落ち着いたインテリア、冷蔵庫に用意されたフリードリンクにはビール、ワインも含まれ、コーヒーメーカーも使いやすく、美味しくいただきました。館内着も快適でしたし、寝具や家具もよかったです。温泉は3カ所、男女入れ替えで楽しめました。庭の植栽はちょっと粗野なところもあり、かえってよかったと思います。アメニティは2種類。いいものでしたが、上級クラスのお宿にはシャンプーバーがあるところもあるのと比べると、ちょっと物足りなかったかも。湯上がりのアイスやビールなどの用意も無く、さっさと部屋へ戻りました。プールは広々、係の方も親切で、気分よく使わせてもらいました。但しサンダルは、クロックスか何かにならないでしょうか。夕食は、什器や盛り付けも素敵で、美味しかったです。日本酒はコスパもよく楽しめますが、ワインは高価なものが多く、残念でした。地の利を生かして国産ワインも用意したらいいのに、とも思いました。朝食は、ブフェでしたが、長蛇の列ができるわけでもなく、ゲストの皆様落ち着いて楽しんでいる様子でした。美味しかったですが、最近は郷土のメニューを生かしたり、朝シャンパンやデザート、ライブキッチンを取り入れたりするところが多い中、あまりにも「普通」でした。接客については、可も無く不可も無く。このクラスのお宿らしい、と言ったところです。スタッフは文化遺産的宿の説明に長けてはいても、ロビーに寛ぎに来たゲストにお茶やドリンクのサービスをするわけでもなく、文化遺産的作品の一部のような空間で聴く素晴らしいコンサートはちょっと肩が凝ったかも?部屋に飲み物はあるから、というコンセプトなのかもしれませんが、ラウンジの雰囲気がホテルの質を物語ると思っている者として、そこでのんびりすることが多いのですが、今回は通過一辺倒でした。このクラスの他のお宿と比較するとコスパ的に「ん~?」ですが、全体的には、いいお宿だと思います。  

It was a wonderful architecture. In the sense of contributing to Japanese culture, relocating an old private house, I am impressed with “the world's YAMAHA”. However, it is not a lodging experience or tour of cultural heritage. I think that it was a little unsatisfactory for a person who paid a fair amount of money and expected "the best hospitality at the best facilities". The room was healed on the second floor with a view of the greenery through a large window. The calm interior and the free drinks in the refrigerator included beer and wine, and the coffee maker was easy to use and delicious. The clothes in the hall were comfortable, and the bedding and furniture were good. I enjoyed the hot springs in three places, changing men and women. The planting of the garden was a little rough, so I think it was good. There are two types of amenities. It was good, but it might have been a bit unsatisfactory compared to some shampoo bars in the upper class inns. There was no preparation of hot water ice cream or beer, so I returned to my room. The pool was spacious and the person in charge was kind and I used it comfortably. But isn't the sandal a Crocs or something? The dinner was very tasty and the dishes were delicious. Japanese sake can be enjoyed well at COSPA, but it was disappointing because many wines were expensive. I thought that it would be nice to prepare domestic wine by taking advantage of the local benefits. Breakfast was a buffet, but it was not possible to make a long line, and it seemed that guests were enjoying themselves calmly. It was delicious, but recently it was too “ordinary” because there were many places to take advantage of local menus, morning champagne, desserts and live kitchens. For customer service, there is neither good nor bad. I just said that this is a class inn. Even though the staff is good at explaining cultural heritage hotels, they do not serve tea or drinks to guests who come to the lobby, and a wonderful concert to listen to in a space like a part of cultural heritage works Maybe a little stiff? It may be the concept that there is a drink in the room, but as a person who thinks that the atmosphere of the lounge tells the quality of the hotel, there are many people who relax there, but this time it was all over. Compared to other inns in this class, it is “n ??” in terms of cospa, but overall it is a good inn.  

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Katsuragi kitanomaru


2505-2 Ugari Fukuroi Shizuoka [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

49 room(s)


■Tsubaki no Ma
A place of dignified atmosphere and culture with its traditional wooden architecture. With a spacious atmosphere, we offer tables for small parties to big parties. You can fully enjoy the scenery of the garden from our window, giving you an enjoyable dining experience

■Counter Bar
The bar counter at the lobby is constructed of pine. This pine tree was originally from the 13th hole of our gold course but was struck down by lightning. Because the pine releases resin daily, we wipe it down with rice bran. From this process, the resin no longer seeps out and has the glossy shine that it has today.

■Sake Brewery
Tsubaki and Aoi are connected by a difference of 2~3 meters. By hallowing out the ground, a natural sake brewery was created. The sake that the guests drink quietly sleep here, waiting for their turn.

■Hanare (Private Room)
A luxuriously finished private room within a wooden building.
※It can be used as a dining hall (Separate charge, reservation required)

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Inside the building, there are three places that have a large communal bath where you can enjoy a high quality time bathing and viewing a scenery that changes from season to season. In Yuzou and Yu Dono, there is an outdoor bath and in Yuya there is a mist sauna. 

- Yuzou
The outside is decorated to look like a  residence's warehouse. Walk down the bamboo passage and when you open the door to the bath, the beams and pillar of an old Japanese house are linked together to form a solemn atmosphere while the pit style floor of the bath opens the place up.
- Yu Dono 
Take the stairs and go down from Kiri Dono, walk along the courtyard, and stop at the bathing room. The inside of the bathing room is covered in black granite and contrasts with the plain wood walls to create a high quality atmosphere. While bathing in the outdoor bath, you can see, feel, and enjoy the changes of the four seasons.

- Yu Ya
The bathroom created for Aoi Dono have big glass windows so that guests may see the nature outside while making the room more open. 
This place was created for Japan's National Soccer team to use during their stay here and it also comes with a mist sauna that offers a different type of healing for guests to enjoy. 
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Other facility information

Utilizing the second floor space of Kitanomaru Tsubaki as a gallery space, we hold exhibitions and exhibitions of various artists according to the season.

The LPGA-certified women's golf tournament "Yamaha Ladies Open Katsuragi", which has been held since 2008, and the appearance of the 2002 World Cup soccer camp as a training camp, are always on display.

About Ruff:
Katsuragi Golf Club, the course for holding the Yamaha Ladies Open, is located on the premises.
Please contact the reservation center (0120-211-489) directly if you wish to use the service.

About the outdoor pool:
The swimming pool is only available during the summer season.
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(Notice of Katsuragi Hotel Kitanomaru closed)

Due to the extension of the period of emergency declaration due to the spread of the new coronavirus, we decided to extend the closed period with the first priority on the safety/health of our customers, business partners, employees, and their families. Customers who have already made a reservation will be contacted in order.

The Katsuragi Golf Club will continue to operate while giving due consideration to safety.

(Closed period)
From Sunday, April 19th to Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Please note that we may refrain from operating after the above period depending on the future situation, so please check the Katsuragi Kitanomaru official website.

(Information on measures against new coronavirus and breakfast)

At Katsuragi Kitanomaru, the customer's health and safety, as well as public health, will be given top priority, and the business structure will be changed as follows.

In some cases, our employees may wear masks and work at the facility.
We will stop the buffet at the restaurant and open a limited menu.
* The decision to reopen the buffet business will be made based on the future situation.
We ask our customers to use a disinfectant solution installed in various places such as the front desk and restroom.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
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If you are bringing children of 0-2 years old, please inform in the request and question column.
For children 3 years old or above, please book as infants (with futons and meal)

For children in elementary school to infants, dinner will be a mini course cuisine and will be a different menu to that of an adult.
For requests of the same menu, please book at the adult's fee
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

From Tokyo Direction
Tokyo Station ―<Tōkaido Shinkansen>―Kakegawa Station―Fukuroi Station―(Taxi 40minutes)―Katsuragikitanomaru

From Kansai Direction
Shin-Osaka Station -< Tokaido Shinkansen> -Hamamatsu Station  - Fukuroi Station―(Taxi 25minutes)―Katsuragikitanomaru

From Nagoya Direction
Nagoya Station  -Hamamatsu Station  - Fukuroi Station―(Taxi 25minutes)―Katsuragikitanomaru

2505-2 Ugari Fukuroi Shizuoka

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In addition, Relux online concierge service will be closed temporarily.
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