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ホテルニューアワジ別亭 淡路夢泉景 Hotel New Awaji Bettei Awaji Yumesenkei

Ryokan/Inn Go To トラベル対象
Hotel New Awaji Bettei Awaji Yumesenkei / Hyogo Awaji Island 46

Countermeasures for COVID-19

  • Hand sanitizer provided
    Hand sanitizer provided
  • Disinfection
  • Ventilation
  • Ensure Social Distancing
    Ensure Social Distancing
  • Guidelines for employees
    Guidelines for employees
  • Guidelines for guests
    Guidelines for guests

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Sound of birds chirping, flowers blooming in season, the gentle sea breeze, and the gorgeous panoramic view of the sea: Located on the east coast of Awajishima "Komoe beach" is Awaji YUMESENKEI.

The Special floor "Relax" is the mixture of gentle Japanese space and modern taste.
"Relax" is a place where the guests are expected to feel relaxed.
The guests will feel the magical and nostalgic vibes once they step into the room.
All the guest rooms have breathtaking view of the Kitan Straits where 
ships come and go. You would truly be relaxed in this special moment.

Awajishima is surrounded by the sea. For meals you can enjoy fresh seafood that comes from the port close by.

The spa, "Tenkyu no Shizuku," is where the sea, sky, and onsen (hot spring) meet as one.
An open-air sky spa on the upper floor, an open-air spa on the edge of the wave on the ground level, and a private spa give guests of variety of choice that they can enjoy.
To be able to indulge yourself in such onsen is blissful.

From the scent of the salty breeze, to the sound of waves, to the beauty of the shining waves, and the magnificent view of Kisyu mountains: We are happy to provide the perfect hospitality, "Omotenashi," to our guests.
We hope that the guests can spend a relaxing moment here.      
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Other Facilities4.4/5

Mr./Ms. E.L(42)

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Special Floor [Riraku]Japanese room 19.8㎡ with an open-air bath/Non-smoking

Excellent services and food from the hotel, highly recommended. Special thanks to Miss Natsuko, she has excellent co... Read more Excellent services and food from the hotel, highly recommended. Special thanks to Miss Natsuko, she has excellent communication skill and makes our stay perfect eventhough i travel with my two little kids

Excellent services and food from the hotel, highly recommended. Special thanks to Miss Natsuko, she has excellent communication skill and makes our stay perfect eventhough i travel with my two little kids

Mr./Ms. T.J(45)

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[comfort floor] suite No. 630

久しぶりに夢泉景を利用させてもらいました。 コロナ禍の中、施設の対応は素晴らしかったです。 朝夕食は部屋食で準備から丁寧に対応いただき、ありがとうございました。 これからも、夢泉景を利用したいと思います。

I used Yumesenkei for the first time in a long time. In the midst of the corona wreck, the facility's response was excellent. Thank you for your polite response from preparation to room meal for breakfast and dinner. I would like to continue using Yumesenkei.

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Mr./Ms. K.O(29)

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[Shoutou] Japanese style room

ちょっと良いホテルに泊まりたいと思って予約しましたが正直サービス面が残念な部分が多かったです。 ・予約名を間違えて呼ばれて来られた ・荷物が多かったとはいえ部屋までの荷物を案内係一人で持てなかったため我々が持たされた ・日没の方向がわ... Read more ちょっと良いホテルに泊まりたいと思って予約しましたが正直サービス面が残念な部分が多かったです。 ・予約名を間違えて呼ばれて来られた ・荷物が多かったとはいえ部屋までの荷物を案内係一人で持てなかったため我々が持たされた ・日没の方向がわかっていなかった ・夕食の時間を18:30で指定したのに18:10に来て18:20から食べ始めにさせられた ・前菜の品目が答えられず調べてきますと言っていたが戻った後に回答がなかった ・刺身の皿を反対方向に置かれた ・デザートのスプーンを左側に置かれた ・ご飯が右側に置かれた ・食器を置くためのスペースを手で押しのけて作っていて驚愕した ・火が消えてからしゃぶしゃぶしてくださいと誤った食べ方の案内をされた ・夕食の食器を片付けに来なかった ・朝食も7:30で指定したのに7:10に来て7:20には食べ始めていた ・ご飯を出す際に指が米について不快だった ・gotoトラベルの適応ができてないことをチェックインの時に案内がなかった ・gotoトラベルの適応方法についても案内がなくこちらが聞いてからでないと説明されなかった ・受付の対応も親切とは言えたものではなかった ・私が間違っていたことは明確ではあるが、論点をすり替えるような説明がなされて不快感を抱いた 覚えているだけでもこれだけのことがありました。 ちょっと良い宿に泊まりたいと思いましたが目に余るサービス、接客レベルで正直ガッカリでした。 風呂場からの景色は良いと思いましたが二度と行くことはないと思いました。 案内係が新入社員だったことにケチをつけるつもりはないですが、少し良い部屋を取ったのにもかかわらず接客レベルが素人である私でもやらないようなことばかりだったのでホテルニュー淡路のレベルがうかがえました。 ホテルニュー淡路の中で私が泊まった部屋が低いレベルだったのかもしれないですが、それにしても残念な思いを散々させられて不快感を抱いた旅館は初めてだったので悲しかったです。 全ての案内係が新入社員レベルではないと期待していますが、たまたま私を担当していただいた方がこのレベルだったのだとしたら双方にとても残念なことだと思います。 新人教育にもう少し力を入れで、一人前に人前に出す試験の合格レベルを上げた方が良いのではないかと思いました。

I made a reservation because I wanted to stay at a good hotel, but honestly, there were many unfortunate parts in terms of service. ・ I was called by mistake in the reservation name ・ Although there was a lot of luggage, we were taken because the usher could not carry the luggage to the room alone. ・ I didn't know the direction of sunset ・ I specified the dinner time at 18:30, but I came at 18:10 and was forced to start eating at 18:20. ・ I was told that I couldn't answer the appetizer item and would look it up, but I didn't get an answer after returning. ・ The sashimi plate was placed in the opposite direction ・ The dessert spoon was placed on the left side ・ Rice was placed on the right side ・ I was surprised to find that the space for placing tableware was pushed away by hand. ・ I was instructed to eat the wrong way to shabu-shabu after the fire was extinguished. ・ I didn't come to clean up the tableware for dinner ・ I specified breakfast at 7:30, but I came at 7:10 and started eating at 7:20. ・ My fingers were uncomfortable with rice when serving rice ・ There was no information at check-in that goto travel was not adapted. ・ There was no guidance on how to apply goto travel, and it was not explained until I heard this. ・ The receptionist's response was not kind. ・ It is clear that I was wrong, but I was uncomfortable with the explanation that changed the point. There was so much just to remember. I wanted to stay at a good inn, but I was honestly disappointed with the service and customer service level. I thought the view from the bathroom was good, but I never thought I would go there again. I don't mean to be stingy that the usher was a new employee, but despite having taken a slightly better room, I was an amateur at the customer service level, so I couldn't do anything, so at Hotel New Awaji I can see the level. The room I stayed in in Hotel New Awaji may have been at a low level, but even so, I was sad because it was the first inn that made me feel uncomfortable and disappointed. I expect that not all ushers are at the level of new employees, but I think it would be a shame for both parties if the person who happened to be in charge of me was at this level. I thought it would be better to put more effort into new employee education and raise the passing level of the exams that are given to the public.

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Hotel New Awaji Bettei Awaji Yumesenkei


1052-2 Orodani, Sumoto, Hyogo  [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

60 room(s)


Breakfast Information

Japanese breakfast of local production for local consumption
Hijiki, boiled nuts, mekabu, komatsuna hot spring, onion salad
Steaming pot (potato, broccoli, tomato, tofu)
Dried horse mackerel
Iso-yaki nori
Egg dish (1 item from out roll, chawanmushi, hot spring egg)
Rice, miso soup, incense

Western breakfast that is kind to the body
Steamed vegetables
Bacon egg
vegetable salad
3 types of bread (croissant, tea bread, soft bread)
Fruits, yogurt
Coffee or tea

A seafood mountain dining set that feels the spirit of the island
Awajishima milk
Seafood mountain plate (squid, yam, natto, mekabu, okura, chopped zawaan, shirasu, ontama, mentaiko)
Special morning hot pot (tofu, sea bream tuna, seasonal vegetables, ginger flavored miso)
grilled fish
Rolled egg

* If you do not specify, it will be served with `` Japanese breakfast with local production for local consumption '', but you can also prepare `` body-friendly Western breakfast '' or `` seafood mountain-kake gozen that feels the spirit of the island '' depending on advance request It is.

If you wish to change, please fill in at the time of booking.

* "Seafood Yamakake Gozen, where you can feel the energy of the island" is limited to 3 days prior to your stay
* Selectable for each adult

Meal place
Japanese-style room or Japanese-Western style room: room with breakfast
Western-style room: Room or separate venue (semi-private room) for evening breakfast
* Separate room or banquet hall for large groups
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Maisonette-type bathing house where the sea, sky and hotsprings envelope the body. Guests can enjoy soaking in a bath of different styles: An outdoor bath tub that is located right along the edge of the surf or the one with a panoramic view. You also have a privilege of going to the group hotel next door through the connecting beach corridor. Please enjoy "Spa Terrace Mizuki" as well.

■Yu-Hinkakaku "Tenkyu-no-Shizuku"
(Men only 12:00pm~12:00am Sunrise~10:00am、Women only 12:00am~12:00pm Sunrise~11:00am)

■"Tsuki Akari-no Yu"  
(6:00am~12:45AM, fee: 3,000yen(tax not included)/45min)

■Bedrock bathing & family-only bath "Nagomi-yu"
(3:00pm~11:30pm, fee: 6,000yen(tax not included)/60min、8,000yen (tax not included)/90min)
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Other facility information

-"ASHIYA Bankunmei, Thai style spa
Thai style spa that employs gentle pressure on energy lines and yoga-like stretching to relax the whole body on a deeper level. It has been practiced in Thailand for 2500 years. Thai massage awakes the inner energy in your body to improve the natural healing power. Why not indulge in this blissful moment after enjoying various types of hot springs.  
(Hours of Operation 1:00pm~12:00am)

Fishing equipment (We do not allow you to bring your own rod) and bait is available for 3,000 yen (2,000 yen for children up to elementary school). Each fish caught is yours with 400 yen and can be prepared for your preference for fee. (Limit of 7 fish max)
(Hours of Operation sunrise~sunset)

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◆Regarding checkout time
Depending on the room type there are different checkout times
・Special Floor(Riraku) 11:00am
・Comfort Floor 11:00am
・Matsukata 10:00am

To prevent new coronavirus infection, occupancy will be limited and face towel is required for the sauna.
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・The plan does not include bath tax (150yen)
・If we can not fulfill your request the reservation staff will either contact you by phone or mail. If we cannot reach you we will forewarn you during your check in.
If we can fulfill your request, we will not contact you.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

・From JR Shin Kobe station 100 mints by express bus.

The location listed below have express bus bound for Sumoto Express Bus Center.
From the Bus Center, a free shuttle is provided to the hotel (5 minutes).

-Osaka(Umeda Station) Approx 120 min
-Kobe (Shin-Kobe Station) Approx 100min
-Kobe (Sannomiya Station) Approx 80 min
-Maiko( Kosoku Maiko Station) Approx 60 min
-Tokushima (Tokushima Station) Approx 80 min

-Kansai International Airport→High speed boat (65 mintues)→Sumoto Port Terminal (Sumoto port)→shuttle bus (5 minutes)→Hotel
-Kansai International Airport→Airport shuttle bus(120 min)→Sumoto IC→taxi(15 min)→hotel
-Kansai International Airport→Airport shuttle bus(60~90min)→Sannomiya  
 Station→Express bus(80 min)→Sumoto bus center→free shuttle to hotel(5min)
-Kobe Airport→Port Liner (18min)→Sannomiya Station→Express bus(80 min)→Sumoto bus Center→free shuttle to hotel(5 min)
-Osaka International Airport→Airport shuttle(40 min)→Sannomiya Station→ Express bus(80 min)→Sumoto bus center→Free shuttle to hotel (5 min)
-Tokushima Air port→taxi to Matsushige bus stop→Awajitokushima Line express bus(80 min)→Sumoto bus center→free shuttle to hotel(5min)

1052-2 Orodani, Sumoto, Hyogo

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