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由布院 六花
Yufuin Rikka

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Accommodations that represent their respective local regions and that are worth visiting despite the distance.

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Mr./Ms. t.w(Private)

Select Date:2019-05-06

So perfect. Will visit again with family.

So perfect. Will visit again with family.

Mr./Ms. L.I(46)

Select Date:2019-04-01

Awesome experience! Will come back again!

Awesome experience! Will come back again!

Mr./Ms. J.H(Private)

Select Date:2018-12-24

Everthing is perfect except for the room temperature. It is a little bit cold.

Everthing is perfect except for the room temperature. It is a little bit cold.

Mr./Ms. S.N(42)

Select Date:2018-11-30

Great place to stay at Yufuin.

Great place to stay at Yufuin.

Mr./Ms. S.M(28)

Select Date:2019-06-24


It was a very nice hotel and the staff were kind and it was a very relaxing day. Thank you for your kindness to the children. I will do my best every day so I can go to the anniversary.

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Mr./Ms. F.N(58)

Select Date:2019-05-22


It was very cozy. It's been a long time since the hotel where the wind feels so good. The food was also very delicious. The customer service was calm with a sense of reasonable distance. I want to go again. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. J.C(Private)

Select Date:2019-06-08


The room was clean and tidy. The staff are very friendly and the outdoor bath is very clean.

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Mr./Ms. A.G(30)

Select Date:2019-05-29

先日は大変お世話になりました。 とても快適でステキなお部屋に家族一同、大変満足させていただきました。今まで利用した施設の中で何もかもが一番良かったです! バースデーケーキもとても嬉しかったです。 ありがとうございました。 早速友達に... Read more 先日は大変お世話になりました。 とても快適でステキなお部屋に家族一同、大変満足させていただきました。今まで利用した施設の中で何もかもが一番良かったです! バースデーケーキもとても嬉しかったです。 ありがとうございました。 早速友達にも勧めさせていただきました。 また利用させていただきますので、その際はよろしくおねがい致します!

The other day I was very much indebted. All the family in the very comfortable and nice room, I was very satisfied. Of the facilities I have used up to now, everything was the best! The birthday cake was also very happy. Thank you very much. I immediately recommended it to my friends. I will use it again, so I would appreciate your favor in that case!

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Mr./Ms. S.S(34)

Select Date:2019-05-20


In fact, I would like to know only about this accommodation facility, and I will be able to find it without hesitation if I visit Yufuin again.

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Mr./Ms. H.K(49)

Select Date:2019-05-16

先日はお世話になりました。素晴らしい景色と宿 スタッフの方々最高です。ありがとうございました^_^ 少し気になったのが露天風呂の前の塀の隙間と高さが気になりました。外は車も人も結構通るので、お風呂に入るのに気になりました。

You were very helpful the other day. Amazing views and accommodation The staff members are the best. Thank you very much ^ _ ^ I was worried about the gap and height of the front of the open-air bath I was a little worried. There were a lot of cars and people passing outside, so I was anxious to take a bath.

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Mr./Ms. M.H(51)

Select Date:2019-05-19

今回Reluxさんの定期的に発行されている割引券を使って、主人の誕生日旅行で以前より気になっていた六花さんを利用させて頂く事にしました。 予約からずっと、楽しみでワクワクが止まりませんでした。 宿に着いてから、スタッフの皆さんの対応、部... Read more 今回Reluxさんの定期的に発行されている割引券を使って、主人の誕生日旅行で以前より気になっていた六花さんを利用させて頂く事にしました。 予約からずっと、楽しみでワクワクが止まりませんでした。 宿に着いてから、スタッフの皆さんの対応、部屋、食事と全てに大満足でした。特にお風呂は、朝晩合計7回も入りました。 今回は、様々なサプライズも頂きとても、とても嬉しい事ばかりでした。 また、必ず、利用したいと思います。ありがとうございました

Using Relux's regularly issued discount ticket, I decided to use Mr. Rokuka, who had been more concerned with my husband's birthday trip. I have been excited and excited since my reservation. After arriving at the hotel, I was very pleased with the staff's response, the room, the food and everything. Especially in the bath, I entered a total of seven times in the morning and evening. This time, I was very happy to receive various surprises. Also, I definitely want to use it. Thank you very much

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Mr./Ms. J.L(34)

Select Date:2019-05-17

송영서비스를 신청했는데 생각보다 일찍 도착해서 숙소로 바로 가서 짐을 맡기고 편하게 여행을 시작할 수 있었습니다. 긴린코호수 근처까지 태워다줘서 올라가는 번거로움 없이 편하게 유노츠보거리를 즐길 수 있었습니다. ... Read more 송영서비스를 신청했는데 생각보다 일찍 도착해서 숙소로 바로 가서 짐을 맡기고 편하게 여행을 시작할 수 있었습니다. 긴린코호수 근처까지 태워다줘서 올라가는 번거로움 없이 편하게 유노츠보거리를 즐길 수 있었습니다. 석식과 조식은 따로 마련되어 있는 다이닝룸에서 일행만 편하게 즐길 수 있었고 음식도 부담되지않게 나와서 좋았습니다. 이 숙소의 최대 장점은 반노천탕이 객실에 딸려있다는 점입니다. 지난 2월에 패키지여행으로 온천여행을 왔을 때는 여러 사람과 함께 사용해야하는 대욕장이 불편해서 이용하지 못했지만 이번 숙소에서는 내가 원하는 때 몇 번이고 이용할 수 있어서 좋았습니다. ^^ 나중에 부모님과 함께 다시 가고 싶은 곳입니다~^^

I applied for the pickup service and arrived earlier than I expected, so I was able to go to my accommodation and leave my luggage and start my trip with ease. We were able to enjoy Uunotsubo street comfortably without humbling to go up around Ginrakko lake. Dinner and breakfast were enjoyed in the dining room which was prepared separately, and it was good to come out so that food was not burdened. The biggest advantage of this property is that the semi-open-air bath is included in the room. When I came on a hot spring trip in February, I was not able to use it because of the inconvenience of having to use it with several people. ^^ I want to go back with my parents later ~ ^^

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Mr./Ms. M.T(25)

Select Date:2019-05-05

去年できたばかりの宿なので全てがとても綺麗でした。宿の雰囲気は最高です。 料理が美味しく、お部屋も綺麗でとても満足しましたが、特にお風呂が秀逸でした。 程よい温度でずっと入りたくなる素敵な温泉でした。 彼の誕生日だった為ケーキも別に用... Read more 去年できたばかりの宿なので全てがとても綺麗でした。宿の雰囲気は最高です。 料理が美味しく、お部屋も綺麗でとても満足しましたが、特にお風呂が秀逸でした。 程よい温度でずっと入りたくなる素敵な温泉でした。 彼の誕生日だった為ケーキも別に用意してくださり、素敵なお気遣いもしてくださり大変感謝しております。 ただ、チェックアウトが10時のプランしかない為今後レイトチェックアウトが出来るようになればいいなと思いました。 長居したくなるとても良い宿です。

It was a hotel that was just completed last year, so everything was very beautiful. The atmosphere of the inn is great. The food was delicious and the room was clean and very satisfied, but the bath was excellent in particular. It was a wonderful hot spring that I always wanted to enter at a moderate temperature. I also prepared cake separately because it was his birthday, and I am very grateful for the wonderful concern. However, I thought that it would be nice if late checkout could be done in the future because there is only a plan for checkout at 10 o'clock. It is a very good hotel that you want to stay in a long way.

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Mr./Ms. T.N(Private)

Select Date:2019-04-22

畑?田んぼ?のど真ん中にある宿にビックリしましたが、とても良い気の流れを感じ、居心地の良い空間に満足しました。 到着日は、とても良く晴れた日で由布岳がくっきりと良く見えて感激しました。 食事もたっぷりでしたが、もたれることもなく美味しく... Read more 畑?田んぼ?のど真ん中にある宿にビックリしましたが、とても良い気の流れを感じ、居心地の良い空間に満足しました。 到着日は、とても良く晴れた日で由布岳がくっきりと良く見えて感激しました。 食事もたっぷりでしたが、もたれることもなく美味しくいただきました。またお料理の器にも細心の心くばりを感じて素晴らしかったです。 最後になりましたが、宿は、そこで働いている人々で決まると思ってましたが、まさにその通り!スタッフの方々に感謝いたします。 PS.お部屋にあったクッキー本物の味がしました。 オンラインで購入しようと思います。

field? Paddy field? I was surprised at the inn in the middle of my throat, but I felt very good flow and I was satisfied with the cozy space. On the day of arrival, Yufudake was clearly seen on the very sunny day and I was impressed. The meal was plentiful, but it was delicious without being overwhelmed. Moreover, I felt that the cooking vessel was meticulous and it was wonderful. Last but not least, I thought that the lodging was decided by the people working there, but that's right! Thank you to the staff. PS. I had a real taste of cookies in the room. I would like to buy it online.

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Mr./Ms. S.H(47)

Select Date:2019-04-18

We have a excellent experience in your hotel. Thanks for your service.

We have a excellent experience in your hotel. Thanks for your service.

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Mr./Ms. K.K(51)

Select Date:2019-04-19

お世話になりました。 一歩踏み入れた時から、何を見ても感動!スタッフの方々の親切な対応にも感謝致します。お庭の手入れ、環境の静かさ、お部屋の清潔さ、アメニティの充実、お飲み物の値段も良心的で安心してくつろげました。 口コミ通りで、私も感... Read more お世話になりました。 一歩踏み入れた時から、何を見ても感動!スタッフの方々の親切な対応にも感謝致します。お庭の手入れ、環境の静かさ、お部屋の清潔さ、アメニティの充実、お飲み物の値段も良心的で安心してくつろげました。 口コミ通りで、私も感想を入れなければ…と思うのですが、人に教えるのがもったいないくらいです。 また機会があれば、是非伺います。 白いイチゴの話し、はかり屋さんの話し、とても参考になりました。 ありがとうございました。

thank you for helping me. I'm thrilled to see anything since I stepped in! I also thank the staff for their kind response. The garden was clean, the quietness of the environment, the cleanliness of the room, the amenities, and the price of the drinks were reasonable and relaxing. As it is a word-of-mouth, I think that I have to give a comment, but I think it is too wasteful to teach people. If there is another opportunity, I will come by all means. The story of white strawberries and the story of a scale shop were very helpful. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(35)

Select Date:2019-03-12

先日はお世話になり、ありがとうございました。 今回は一人で癒し旅をしたのですが、付かず離れずの対応でとても気持ちいい接客でした。 食事は出てくる度にときめくような盛り付けで、半個室で自分のペースでいただけました。 味付けも良かったです... Read more 先日はお世話になり、ありがとうございました。 今回は一人で癒し旅をしたのですが、付かず離れずの対応でとても気持ちいい接客でした。 食事は出てくる度にときめくような盛り付けで、半個室で自分のペースでいただけました。 味付けも良かったです。 お風呂も由布岳を眺めながらゆっくりでき、何度も入らさせていただきました。 湯布院駅から徒歩だと踏切の関係で少しかかりますが、大自然の中のんびりぶらぶら歩くのもいい思います。 また泊まりたいと思いました。

Thank you for taking care the other day. This time I had a healing trip by myself, but it was a very pleasant customer service with no response and no response. The food served at a time when it came out, and I was able to pace myself in the semi-private room. The seasoning was also good. We could take a bath slowly while looking at Yufudake, and let me enter many times. It takes a little on foot from Yufuin Station because of the level crossings, but I also think it is good to walk around leisurely in the wilderness. I wanted to stay again.

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(38)

Select Date:2019-03-23

第二子が生まれてから初めての旅行でお邪魔しました。 ベビーバスをご準備いただいたり、上の子の食事フォローをいただいたり、大変リラックスできる宿泊となりました。 ありがとうございました。 上の子も大変満足したようで「また行きたい!」... Read more 第二子が生まれてから初めての旅行でお邪魔しました。 ベビーバスをご準備いただいたり、上の子の食事フォローをいただいたり、大変リラックスできる宿泊となりました。 ありがとうございました。 上の子も大変満足したようで「また行きたい!」と言っております。 気遣いもよく、もちろん設備もよく、大変お世話になりました。 ありがとうございました!!!

I was disturbed by the first trip since my second child was born. I prepared a baby bath, had a meal following the meal from the child, and was a very relaxing stay. Thank you very much. The upper child seems to be very satisfied and says, "I want to go back!" The care was good, of course, the facilities were good, and I was very much indebted. Thank you very much! ! !

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Mr./Ms. M.F(46)

Select Date:2019-03-19

この度はありがとうございました。とてもゆっくりと過ごす事ができました。色々な温泉宿に泊まって来ましたが、どれをとっても満足しています。特にスタッフの皆様はどの方も細やかな気遣い、お声がけして下さり、だけど程よい距離感がありこれから色々な人に... Read more この度はありがとうございました。とてもゆっくりと過ごす事ができました。色々な温泉宿に泊まって来ましたが、どれをとっても満足しています。特にスタッフの皆様はどの方も細やかな気遣い、お声がけして下さり、だけど程よい距離感がありこれから色々な人に愛される宿になって行くんだろうなぁと感じました。お部屋もシンプルだけど使い勝手が良く落ち着ける空間でお部屋のお風呂は8回も入ってしまいました! 夕食もとても彩り良く、またとても美味しくいただきました。配膳のタイミングが私達にはとても合っていましたし、1つ1つお料理の説明もありがたかったです。朝食も美味しくいただきました。最後に スタッフの皆様、素敵な日をありがとうございました。ドリンクのお心遣いとても嬉しかったです。

Thank you for this time. I was able to spend it very slowly. We stayed at various hot spring hotels, but are very satisfied with which. In particular, everyone in the staff felt that they were going to be lodgings to be loved by various people from now on because there is a feeling of good distance, but with a careful, thoughtful voice. The room is simple, but it is a space that is easy to use and calms down. The bath in the room has been included 8 times! The dinner was also very colorful and very delicious. The timing of the delivery was very good for us, and the description of each dish was also appreciated. Breakfast was delicious too. Finally Thank you to the staff for the wonderful day. I was very happy for your drink.

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Mr./Ms. S.M(71)

Select Date:2019-03-15

自分の誕生日に初めて一人温泉旅に行きました。 ホテルならよく一人で泊まることがあるのですが、温泉だったので不安でした。 でも凄くリラックス出来る旅行でした。 食事も美味しく目でも楽しめました。 ぜひ次は母と行きたいと思いました。

For the first time on my birthday I went on a hot spring trip. I often stay alone at a hotel, but I was uneasy because it was a hot spring. But it was a very relaxing trip. The food was delicious and enjoyed with my eyes. I wanted to go with my mother next time.

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Mr./Ms. Y.H(71)

Select Date:2019-03-17


Thank you very much for this time. I was very moved by the sincere service. In addition, thank you for your wonderful care for the anniversary of old days. I would like to use it by the couple this time.

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Mr./Ms. M.T(51)

Select Date:2019-03-15


Very attentive service, delicious and hearty food. Beautiful room. My daughter was also very happy. I will go to stay again.

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Mr./Ms. M.K(19)

Select Date:2019-03-13


Very polite and great response, it was really good feeling. The food was also delicious and satisfying. Thank you very much for sending me and picking me up and asking me that I want you to pick up only your luggage. The smiles of the staff were also fresh.

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Mr./Ms. R.K(35)

Select Date:2019-02-16

とても綺麗でスタッフの皆様が暖かく大満足でした。 また行きたいです。

Very beautiful, the staff members were warmly satisfied with satisfaction. I want to go again.

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Mr./Ms. R.M(63)

Select Date:2019-02-09

日頃のストレス解消の為にこの度六花をご利用させていただきました。いままで 数多く温泉にいきましたが、スタッフの皆様も笑顔が素敵でとても決め細やかに 接していただき、お部屋もとても綺麗で 食事もとても美味しく、温泉の温度もとてもよく綺麗... Read more 日頃のストレス解消の為にこの度六花をご利用させていただきました。いままで 数多く温泉にいきましたが、スタッフの皆様も笑顔が素敵でとても決め細やかに 接していただき、お部屋もとても綺麗で 食事もとても美味しく、温泉の温度もとてもよく綺麗で、すべてにおいて大満足でした。 また宿泊したいと思います 有り難う御座いました。

I used Rokka this time for daily stress relief. All the staff went to hot springs, but the staff also had a nice smile and touched me very delicately, the rooms were also very clean and the food was very delicious, the temperatures of the hot springs were also very clean and very satisfying at all . I would like to stay again Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. T.M(31)

Select Date:2019-01-28

大変きれいで素敵なお部屋で快適にくつろぐことができました。ありがとうございました。 料理も大変おいしかったのですが時折塩辛い部分がありました。

We were able to relax comfortably in very beautiful and wonderful rooms. Thank you very much. Cooking was also very tasty, but occasionally there was a salty part.

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Mr./Ms. Y.I(54)

Select Date:2018-12-26

年末にお世話になりましたありがとうございました 福岡の娘と待ち合わせで由布院に泊まりました かけ流しの温泉はすばらしく 食事も朝夕ともに美味しく頂きました 一人で泊まり、もったいない気がしました、今度は娘と来ます ありがとうござい... Read more 年末にお世話になりましたありがとうございました 福岡の娘と待ち合わせで由布院に泊まりました かけ流しの温泉はすばらしく 食事も朝夕ともに美味しく頂きました 一人で泊まり、もったいない気がしました、今度は娘と来ます ありがとうございました。

Thank you for your kind assistance at the end Thank you very much We stayed at Yufuin by meeting with the daughter of Fukuoka It was a wonderful hot spring and the meal was delicious both in the morning and the evening We stayed alone and felt a waste, this time I came with my daughter Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. S.U(57)

Select Date:2018-12-29


Thank you very much for telling me sightseeing areas etc · Every year at the end of the year I stayed overnight in the hot springs of each place, but Mr. Rokka is very comfortable with the facility and the staff so that healing the tiredness of one year I could do · I want to use it again

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Mr./Ms. W.K(32)

Select Date:2018-12-20

旅館位置易找, 穿過JR站左面的停車場, 走到田間就看到旅館坐落的位置。 附近都是田野, 人很少, 非常清靜, 非常適合放鬆心情。 房間很大,是獨立的房子, 設備齊全, 連卸妝油、潤膚乳都有。房間有膠囊咖啡機, 亦有茶包提供。 而且房... Read more 旅館位置易找, 穿過JR站左面的停車場, 走到田間就看到旅館坐落的位置。 附近都是田野, 人很少, 非常清靜, 非常適合放鬆心情。 房間很大,是獨立的房子, 設備齊全, 連卸妝油、潤膚乳都有。房間有膠囊咖啡機, 亦有茶包提供。 而且房間配置了獨立室外浴池, 浴池真的很大, 幾乎可以游泳! 還24小時隨時可以泡湯。 同時看著山景和呼吸著田野間的新鮮空氣。 但白天泡湯時要比較當心有外面的人好奇從圍牆外偷看(通常都是途經的遊客, 不過很少遊客走這邊的)。 早晚餐都由旅館員工悉心安排在個室使用, 食物不錯, 員工親切。 我在這裡渡過了舒適和悠閒的3天, 非常喜愛由布阮和六花旅館, 下次再來的時候會再入住的。

The location is easy to find, passing through the parking lot on the left side of the JR station, and walking to the field to see the location of the hotel. There are fields nearby, very few people, very quiet, very suitable for relaxing. The room is large, it is a separate house, fully equipped, with cleansing oil and moisturizer. There is a capsule coffee machine in the room, and a tea bag is also available. And the room is equipped with a separate outdoor bath, the bath is really big, almost swimming! Also 24 hours a day can be bathed. At the same time looking at the mountain and breathing the fresh air between the fields. But when you are in the daytime, be careful when there are people outside who are curious to peek out from the wall (usually tourists who pass by, but few tourists go here). Breakfast and dinner are carefully arranged by the hotel staff in the room. The food is good and the staff is kind. I have spent a comfortable and leisurely stay for 3 days here. I love the hotel and the Liuhua Hotel. I will stay again when I come back next time.

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Mr./Ms. M.O(54)

Select Date:2018-12-23

家族旅行で伺いました。 お部屋でも快適に過ごせましたしお風呂も気にせず何度も入れとても満足しております。1つあるとしたら食べ盛りの息子だったので夕食の量が足らなかったようです。 また機会がありましたら是非行きたいと思います。 この度は... Read more 家族旅行で伺いました。 お部屋でも快適に過ごせましたしお風呂も気にせず何度も入れとても満足しております。1つあるとしたら食べ盛りの息子だったので夕食の量が足らなかったようです。 また機会がありましたら是非行きたいと思います。 この度はありがとうございました。

I asked on my family trip. I was able to spend comfortably in the room and I am very happy to put it in many times without worrying about the bath. If there was one, it seems that the amount of dinner was insufficient as it was the son of the prime of eating. I would like to go if I have the opportunity again. Thank you for this time.

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Mr./Ms. K.S(29)

Select Date:2018-12-23

彼と初めての旅行で利用させて頂きました。 温泉の温度もちょうど良く、部屋も広く暖かくて快適な日を過ごせました。 ひざ掛けもありテラスでお茶したり、楽しんでました。 料理の量もちょうどよく、全て創作料理で上品な味でした。 そして施設の... Read more 彼と初めての旅行で利用させて頂きました。 温泉の温度もちょうど良く、部屋も広く暖かくて快適な日を過ごせました。 ひざ掛けもありテラスでお茶したり、楽しんでました。 料理の量もちょうどよく、全て創作料理で上品な味でした。 そして施設の方々もとても親切でとても幸せな気持ちになりました。 快適な日を過ごせました。 今度は予約が取りづらそうですが、また行きたいです。 素敵な日をありがとうございました!

I used it for my first trip with him. The temperature of the hot spring was also good, the room was wide, it was warm and I had a pleasant day. There was a throw and I was having tea and having fun on the terrace. The amount of dishes was just right, all were creative cuisine and taste elegant. And the people of the facility were also very kind and very happy. I had a pleasant day. I heard that I do not have a reservation next time, but I want to go again. Thank you for a wonderful day!

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Mr./Ms. R.S(56)

Select Date:2018-12-06


Three mother and sister, four people were able to spend luxurious time slowly. The meal was fashionable and delicious, and I had a wonderful memory. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. T.G(Private)

Select Date:2018-12-04

非常推薦!服務超級貼心,房間寬敞,而且設施齊全,房間外設有私人浴池。早晚餐也十分豐富,地點也很方便!想不到理由不推薦這旅館!Thank you for the great hospitality, which made our stay u... Read more 非常推薦!服務超級貼心,房間寬敞,而且設施齊全,房間外設有私人浴池。早晚餐也十分豐富,地點也很方便!想不到理由不推薦這旅館!Thank you for the great hospitality, which made our stay unforgettable! Will definitely come back!

Very recommended! The service is super intimate, the rooms are spacious and fully equipped with private baths outside the room. Breakfast and dinner are also very rich, and the location is very convenient! I can't think of a reason not to recommend this hotel! Thank you for the great hospitality, which made our stay unforgettable! Will definitely come back!

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Mr./Ms. M.T(Private)

Select Date:2018-12-04

オープンしたばかりとのことですが、本当に素晴らしいという一言に限ります。スタッフの方はとてもフレンドリーでした。お部屋の設備もかなり良く、特にお部屋の露天風呂は適温で広く、いつまでもゆっくり寛げました。今年最後のお宿に選んで良かったです。ま... Read more オープンしたばかりとのことですが、本当に素晴らしいという一言に限ります。スタッフの方はとてもフレンドリーでした。お部屋の設備もかなり良く、特にお部屋の露天風呂は適温で広く、いつまでもゆっくり寛げました。今年最後のお宿に選んで良かったです。また季節を変えて、帰ってきたいお宿です。

Although it is said that it just opened, it is limited to one word that it is really wonderful. The staff was very friendly. The facilities of the room were also pretty good, especially the outdoor bath of the room was suitable at a suitable temperature and was relaxing slowly forever. It was good to have chosen as the last hotel of the year. In addition, I change the season, I want to return home.

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Mr./Ms. C.L(Private)

Select Date:2018-11-29

旅館地點離由布院車站很近,有接駁車可預約接送 旅館人員服務很好,住宿環境舒適,客房有個人湯屋可以使用,配備很齊全 早晚餐在日式獨立小包廂裡,很特別的經驗,餐點也都很美味 是2018/09月才開幕的新旅館 所以環境設備都很新,過幾... Read more 旅館地點離由布院車站很近,有接駁車可預約接送 旅館人員服務很好,住宿環境舒適,客房有個人湯屋可以使用,配備很齊全 早晚餐在日式獨立小包廂裡,很特別的經驗,餐點也都很美味 是2018/09月才開幕的新旅館 所以環境設備都很新,過幾年植栽應該會更美 值得推薦~~

The location of the hotel is very close to the Yufuin station. There is a shuttle bus that can be reserved for pick-up and drop-off. The staff is very good, the accommodation is comfortable, the room has a private soup house, and it is equipped with a full breakfast and dinner in a Japanese-style independent small box. It is very special experience. The meal is also very delicious. It is a new hotel that opened in 2018/09. So the environment equipment is very new. After a few years, the planting should be more beautiful and worth recommending~~

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Mr./Ms. E.H(33)

Select Date:2018-11-13

今回は1人で宿泊させて頂きました。予定よりも遅い時間のチェックアウトになったのですが、温かく迎えて頂き、本当に嬉しかったです。お料理も美味しいのはもちろんですが、目で見ても楽しめる盛り付けで、一つ一つの食材を丁寧にいただくことができたように... Read more 今回は1人で宿泊させて頂きました。予定よりも遅い時間のチェックアウトになったのですが、温かく迎えて頂き、本当に嬉しかったです。お料理も美味しいのはもちろんですが、目で見ても楽しめる盛り付けで、一つ一つの食材を丁寧にいただくことができたように思います。 また、私は個人的に露天風呂に虫がいたりするのが苦手なのですが、今回は清潔に露天風呂の環境が整えられており、朝、晩共にゆったりとした時間を過ごせました。もちろん季節にもよるとは思いますが、至るところで清潔感や木の香りが感じられ、スタッフの方の気配りを感じました。 そして何より由布岳を眺められる景観が本当に素晴らしかったです。 ゆったりとした時間の中で自分を見つめ直すよい機会となりました。本当にありがとうございました。

This time we stayed alone. It was checked out later than the schedule, but it was warmly welcomed and I was really happy. As well as having delicious cuisine, I think that we were able to enjoy the ingredients one by one with the serve that we can enjoy even with our eyes. Also, I personally do not like to infest the outdoor bath, but this time the environment of the outdoor bath has been arranged cleanly, and I was able to spend a relaxing time both in the morning and the evening. Of course, I think that it depends on the season, but everywhere I felt a sense of cleanliness and a smell of wood, I felt the attention of the staff. And the scenery which I can see the Yufu mountain is truly wonderful. It was a good opportunity to look back on yourself in a relaxed time. I'm really thankful to you.

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Mr./Ms. S.G(56)

Select Date:2018-11-09

家内と2人でお世話になりありがとうございました。部屋も広くきれいでよかったです。 部屋風呂の温泉は快適で、湯加減はちょうどよい温度で最高でした。ただ1点だけ今回はまだ寒くないですが、洗い場が外なので冬の時期は寒いのではと心配です。 お料... Read more 家内と2人でお世話になりありがとうございました。部屋も広くきれいでよかったです。 部屋風呂の温泉は快適で、湯加減はちょうどよい温度で最高でした。ただ1点だけ今回はまだ寒くないですが、洗い場が外なので冬の時期は寒いのではと心配です。 お料理は多すぎることなく手の込んだ内容で家内も喜んでいました。

Thank you very much for taking care of me by my wife and two people. The room was large and beautiful. The hot spring in the room bath was comfortable, hot water was the best at just the right temperature. Only one point is not cold this time, but I am worried that the winter season is cold as the washroom is outside. My cooking was pleased with my elaborate content without too much cooking.

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Mr./Ms. A.M(30)

Select Date:2018-10-13

彼の誕生日に初めて宿泊しました(^^) とても清潔でお洒落なお部屋には露天風呂が付いています。源泉掛け流しの為、好きな時に好きなだけ入れて、幸せな癒しのひと時を過ごせました♪ お食事も最高!!!のお味と盛り付けで、器も一つ一つ素敵な、料... Read more 彼の誕生日に初めて宿泊しました(^^) とても清潔でお洒落なお部屋には露天風呂が付いています。源泉掛け流しの為、好きな時に好きなだけ入れて、幸せな癒しのひと時を過ごせました♪ お食事も最高!!!のお味と盛り付けで、器も一つ一つ素敵な、料理長さんの愛が溢れるコース料理でした。部屋食ではないですが、お食事処も全て個室の為、周りを気にせずにお食事を楽しめます(^^) そして、六花さんの一番の魅力は何といってもお宿の方々の温かいおもてなしの気持ちが素晴らしい所です! 様々な場面からお気持ちが伝わり、こちらもとても心が温かくなりました(*^^*) 長々と書いてしまいましたが、是非一度宿泊してお宿の方々とお会いして頂ければ、この良さが伝わると思います(^^) こんなにも必ずまた来たい!と思えた宿は初めてです。 六花のスタッフの皆様、チェックイン前からチェックアウトまで本当にお世話になりました。皆様からのサプライズも誕生日の素敵な思い出になりました♪ ありがとうございました(*^^*)

I stayed for the first time on his birthday (^ ^) Very clean and trendy room with an outdoor bath. Because of source sinking, I put as much as I want at any time, I was able to spend a happy time of healing ♪ meal is the best! ! ! It was a course meal full of the love of the chef's chef, with a delicious taste and a cup of dishes, one by one. It is not room meal, but all meals are also private rooms, so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about your surroundings (^ ^) And what is the most appealing of Rokka's people The feeling of warm hospitality is a wonderful place! The feeling was conveyed from various scenes, and also the heart became very warm here as well (* ^^ *) Although I have written it for a long time, if you can stay with us and stay with us once, I think that this goodness will be conveyed (^ ^) I definitely want to come back again so much! This is the first time I've thought of a hotel. Everyone at the Rokka Staff, thank you for your kindness, from checking in before checking out. Surprise from everyone was also a wonderful memory of my birthday ♪ Thank you very much (* ^^ *)

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Mr./Ms. D.W(2)

Select Date:2019-02-04

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Mr./Ms. P.S(Private)

Select Date:2019-06-29

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Mr./Ms. C.H(37)

Select Date:2019-04-03

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Mr./Ms. A.O(58)

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