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ホテルニューアカオ ロイヤルウイング Hotel New Akao Royal Wing

casual Resort
  • Shizuoka > Atami
Hotel New Akao Royal Wing / Shizuoka Atami 3


The Royal Wing offers an unparalleled 180 degree view.
You can enjoy the hotel with five senses, see, listen, smell, taste and touch. It offers hospitality that satisfies customer's five senses. You will enjoy time going by slowly in this elegant space where you can feel the sea any place in the hall

Immerse yourself in the luxurious scenery, as well as 100% natural hot spring. The water flowing off the edge of the bathtub to merge with the sea gives you a luxurious feeling. Open-air bath with a sense of infinity design eliminates the boundary between the bath and the water. The open-air bath on each level lines just like terraces on the side of the mountain. Have fun in the bathtubs of different styles. 

The Royal Lounge is for the exclusive use of guests.
A lounge with a superb view where you can enjoy a panoramic view.
Coffee and herbal tea are served during the day. We have a concert of harp.In the evening, it converts to a bar lounge of delightful relaxed atmosphere.      
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Mr./Ms. Y.S(43)

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Stand Twin for 2 guests

7月の中旬にはきっと梅雨明けしてプール日和になるだろうと予想して、数か月前に予約を入れましたが、残念ながら梅雨明けならず。どんより曇り空の下ホテルへ向かいました。雨が降っていなかったのがせめてもの救いです。熱海駅からはホテルの送迎バスが出て... Read more 7月の中旬にはきっと梅雨明けしてプール日和になるだろうと予想して、数か月前に予約を入れましたが、残念ながら梅雨明けならず。どんより曇り空の下ホテルへ向かいました。雨が降っていなかったのがせめてもの救いです。熱海駅からはホテルの送迎バスが出ているのでスムーズに移動できました。受付して頂いたスタッフの対応も良く、部屋もオーシャンビューで広さも十分。ロイヤルウィングと本館は屋内通路でつながっていますが、ちょっと離れています。本館には海のプールがあり無料で使えます。曇りなので冷たかったですけどなかなか面白かったです。また、海沿いの散歩コースもあるので本館から戻る際は外を歩いて行きました。階段が多いです。夕食のフレンチは量味ともに十分満足でした。ただ、サーブしてくれたスタッフの対応があまり良くなくて気分が悪かったです。この件については責任者の方からきちんと謝罪がありましたので流します。お風呂は本館を含めてみんな新しく、それほど広くありませんが快適でした。夜景を見るなら本館のロビー階がおすすめです。バスで移動する離れた場所にあるプールも無料で利用できましたが、こちらも曇り空の下では寒くて長居できませんでした。気になったのは更衣室のドアクローザーが壊れていて閉める度にすごい音がすることと、ロッカーが開け閉め自由でないこと、そしてドライヤーが無い。快適だったホテルの大浴場と扱いが全然違います。プールサイドの席も全て有料で、タオルとかちょっとした荷物を置けるような場所もありません。宿泊者以外は入場が3,000円ですので、お金を払っていく人はいないのではないかと。ローズハーブガーデンの入園割引もありますので、そちらにも行ってみました。こちらもなんだか手入れが追い付いていない感じで綺麗という印象がなく期待外れでした。ホテルの施設はチェックアウト後の15時まで利用できます。サロンで無料のドリンクを飲めるのはとても良いサービスです。広い敷地で手入れが行き届いていない場所がちらほら見えるのがちょっと残念でした。ホテル自体のサービスは良く満足です。

I made a reservation several months ago in anticipation that the rainy season would end in mid-July and the pool would be sunny, but unfortunately the rainy season did not end. We headed to the hotel under cloudy sky. It is salvation at the very least because it did not rain. The transfer bus from the hotel was out of Atami Station so I could move smoothly. Correspondence of staff who had you accept is good, too, and room is enough in ocean view, too. The Royal Wing and the main building are connected by an indoor passage, but they are a little apart. There is a swimming pool in the main building, which can be used free of charge. It was cloudy, so it was cold, but it was quite interesting. There is also a walk along the sea, so I walked outside when returning from the main building. There are many stairs. The French dinner was full in both quantity and taste. However, the response of the staff who served me was not good and I felt sick. We have an apology from the person in charge for this matter, so I will post it. All the baths were new including the main building and not so wide, but it was comfortable. If you want to see the night view, the lobby floor of the main building is recommended. I could use the pool in a distant place for traveling by bus, but it was too cold and too long to stay under cloudy sky. What I was concerned about is that the changing room closer is broken and makes a loud noise each time it is closed, the locker is not open and closed freely, and there is no dryer. The treatment is quite different from the hotel's large bath which was comfortable. All poolside seating is chargeable, and there is no place to store towels or small luggage. The entrance fee is 3,000 yen except for the hotel guests, so nobody will pay the money. There is also an admission discount for Rose Herb Garden, so I went there. It was a disappointing feeling because there was no impression that this was too clean and I could not keep up with it. Hotel facilities are available until 15:00 after check out. Having a free drink at the salon is a very good service. It was a bit disappointing to see some of the large grounds and the poorly maintained area. The service of the hotel itself is well satisfied.

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Mr./Ms. K.T(24)

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Stand Twin for 2 guests

母と2人、とても満足のいく旅行になりました。 客室はスタンダードな部屋を選びました。 シンプルなレイアウトですが、窓がとても綺麗に手入れされていて、まるで窓がないような開放感のある素晴らしいオーシャンビューでした。 特に不満はあり... Read more 母と2人、とても満足のいく旅行になりました。 客室はスタンダードな部屋を選びました。 シンプルなレイアウトですが、窓がとても綺麗に手入れされていて、まるで窓がないような開放感のある素晴らしいオーシャンビューでした。 特に不満はありませんでした。 夕食はフレンチコースを選びました。 量、味共に満足でした。少しだけお酒が高い気もしましたが、どこのホテルもそれは同じかなと。 たくさん食べたい方には物足りないかもしれないですが、女性2人わたしたちには丁度良かったです! 全体的にかなり満足のいく旅行でしたが、ひとつだけ改善してほしい点をあげると、新しくできたというスパリウムのお風呂についてです。 ホテルニューアカオの宿泊者とロイヤルウイングの宿泊者、共に使用できるということでしたが、そのせいか露天風呂は人が溢れており、入れる隙間もありませんでした…。(たまたまタイミングが悪かっただけかもしれませんが) そしてお風呂から出ていく方は、殆どの方がホテルニューアカオ側に帰られていきました。 素敵なお風呂なので両ホテルの方々が使用できるのには賛成ですが、短時間だけでもロイヤルウイングの宿泊者専用の時間を作って頂けたらロイヤルウイング側の宿泊者の満足度はより上がるのではないかと感じました。 人数比的にも、ニューアカオ側の方がおそらく大半だったので…。 両ホテルの宿泊者が利用できるお風呂にしては少々狭いのかと。 気になった点はそれだけで、お部屋もご飯も従業員の方も海の見えるお風呂も、素敵でした。 また来たいと思える宿でした。 素敵な2日間をありがとうございました。

My mother and two were very happy trips. We chose a standard room. Although it is a simple layout, the windows are very well maintained, and it was a wonderful ocean view with an open feeling like no windows. There was no particular complaint. I chose French course for dinner. Both quantity and taste were satisfactory. I felt that the drink was a little expensive, but it would be the same for any hotel. It might be unsatisfactory for those who want to eat a lot, but it was just good for us two women! Overall it was a quite satisfying trip, but one thing I would like you to improve is the newly created sparium bath. It was to be able to use it together with the hotel guest of Hotel New Akao and the hotel guest of the Royal Wing, but because of that, the open-air bath was full of people and there was no gap to put in .... (It may only happen that the timing was bad) And most of those who went out of the bath went back to the Hotel New Akao side. It is a nice bath, so people in both hotels agree to use it, but if it is possible to create a time for exclusive use of Royal Wing guests only in a short time, the degree of satisfaction of the Royal Wing guests will not increase I felt heels. In terms of the number of people, the New Aqhao side was probably the majority .... Is it a bit narrow for a bath that can be used by both hotel guests? The only thing I was interested in was that the rooms, the rice, the employees and the baths with a view of the sea were wonderful. It was a hotel that seemed to want to come again. Thank you for the wonderful 2 days.

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Mr./Ms. Y.I(44)

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Stand Twin for 2 guests

お部屋は景色も広さも満足です。 浴室・トイレが別なのと、持ち込み用の空冷蔵庫があったのが良かったです。 お風呂は大浴場・貸切風呂・スパリウムニシキ、どれも良いです。特にスパリウムはとても素晴らしいです! 食事の夕食は「普通に美... Read more お部屋は景色も広さも満足です。 浴室・トイレが別なのと、持ち込み用の空冷蔵庫があったのが良かったです。 お風呂は大浴場・貸切風呂・スパリウムニシキ、どれも良いです。特にスパリウムはとても素晴らしいです! 食事の夕食は「普通に美味しい」レベルかな。量が少な目なのと時間が選べないのが残念。 朝食は味も種類も満足です。 部屋・浴場・レストラン、全体的に清潔です。 対応してくれたどのスタッフさんも感じ良く親切でした。ありがとうございました(^^) エレベーターの乗り換え、スパリウムまでチョット遠いなど少しの難はありますが、全体的に良いまた行きたいホテルでした! 最後に要望として。お風呂にはヘアゴムを置いて欲しいです。

Both the view and the area are satisfactory in the room. It was good that there were empty refrigerators for carrying in and another bathroom, restroom. Baths are large public baths, reserved baths, sparium nishiki, all are good. Especially the sparium is very nice! A meal dinner is a "normally delicious" level. It is a pity that I can not choose the time when the amount is small. Breakfast is satisfying taste and kind. The rooms, the baths and the restaurant are generally clean. All staff who responded to me were nice and helpful. Thank you very much (^ ^) There were a few difficulties such as transfer of elevator, far from sparium to Chot, but overall it was good hotel which we wanted to go to! As a last request. I want to put a hair rubber in the bath.

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Hotel New Akao Royal Wing


1993-250 Atami, Atami City, Shizuoka [View map]

check-in / check-out time

13:30 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

100 room(s)


French restaurant Bonheur
The restaurant in fan shape are surrounded with all glass windows facing the sea everywhere. You can enjoy a leisure meal while looking the fantastic Kasumigaura where the moonlight shines.
The cuisine are partly created under supervision of Philip Button since April 2019 and is covered by media.

Japanese-style dinner in Maisan
A Japanese food restaurant where the Japanese banquet cuisine adopts ingredients from sea and mountain. You can enjoy a Japanese-style dinner party delicate skills of Atami chef are presented and the delicious fresh seafood.
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Feel free to enjoy the large public bath Sparium Nishiki, private bath for rental and a hot spring in the new building of New Akao.

A large public bath "Saikai"
It is an open-air bath exclusively for guests. There is a rosy open-air bath for women only and a indoor bathtub made of wood.

Large public bath building "Sparium Nishiki"
It is opened in April 2018. You can enjoy different kinds of bathtubs, such as the open-air bath where the bath and the water surface blends seamlessly and a line of open-air baths of different heights like terraced fields.

Private bath
It is the observation bath located at the highest floor in the hotel. You can spend leisure time with your loved ones in a private space.

Hotel New Akao Interior Open-air Bath
For guests staying at the Royal Wing, open-air baths in the New Akao Building are also available. The open-air bath closest to the sea is a great place to enjoy the buzz of the sea as background music.
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Other facility information

If you stays at the Royal Wing, you can use the on-site facilities and the hot spring baths at the adjacent Hotel New Akao. (Some of the sections are not available)
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

Shuttle bus
10 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Atami Station (no reservation needed / operates from 9:30 to 11:30 and 13:00 to 17:30)

1993-250 Atami, Atami City, Shizuoka

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