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The Rescape

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  • Okinawa > Miyakojima・Irabu
The Rescape / Okinawa Okinawa (Miyako・Irabu) 58

Countermeasures for COVID-19

  • Hand sanitizer provided
    Hand sanitizer provided
  • Disinfection
  • Ventilation
  • Ensure Social Distancing
    Ensure Social Distancing
  • Guidelines for employees
    Guidelines for employees
  • Guidelines for guests
    Guidelines for guests

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Enjoy the luxury of a  private hideaway, and the Miyakojima where you will feel time with your five senses.

The private hideaway "The Rescape" stands between the beautiful white beach and the green height, in the east coast where pure nature still remains.

Listen to the waves in the shade of a tree, sink your feet in the silky sand of the beach, taste the food blessings of the island, smell the aroma of the wind that drifts into the room, and sleep underneath the gradation of the natural light which changes moment by moment.

Enjoy the "luxury of doing nothing" in nature, sharpening your five senses and feeling the flow of time of each moment.       
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Other Facilities4.2/5

Mr./Ms. H.K(40)

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Comfort Cottage

UDSさんのホテルが好きなので宮古島滞在のタイミングで宿泊しました。ホテルとしてはどの画角もインスタ映えするようなロケーションんです。サービスや食事を取らないで一戸建てビィラに滞在するつもりでの宿泊ならば値段が気にならなければ良いのではない... Read more UDSさんのホテルが好きなので宮古島滞在のタイミングで宿泊しました。ホテルとしてはどの画角もインスタ映えするようなロケーションんです。サービスや食事を取らないで一戸建てビィラに滞在するつもりでの宿泊ならば値段が気にならなければ良いのではないでしょうか。 自分はオールワンクルーシブではないにしてもそれなりに高級な位置付けの施設に宿泊をしたつもりだったので再訪はないと思います、ヒューマンスキルがこの価格帯のホテルとしては致命的に低いからです。 夕食はバーベキュウーを頂きましたが席に案内されドリンクを取りに離れていたら荷物などは雑にどかされ別の方が座っていました。従業員に適当にどかしていいと言われたとのことでした・・・ バーベキュに関しても他もテーブルに提供し時間が経ったままの食材を「間違いました隣のです」と一度下げることもなくそのままこちらのテーブルに配膳しようとしたので「時間の経った生物なので交換してください」と伝えたところ感じの良い対応で交換出来るとの事でしたが数分後同じものを提供されました。「新しく作り直しました」と言われましたが 写真を確認してもらい同じものであると伝え再度交換をしてもらいましたがその時点でもうこのホテルでは楽しめないと思いながら食事を始めました。 数分後にはスコールが始まりバーベキューは出来ない状態でしたがそのまま続行との事だったのでビショビショに濡れた食材をビショビショになりながら食材を焼き、おじやの様になったガーリックライスを頂きました。14000円のバーベキューなのでもう少し対応の方法もあるのではないでしょうか?タオルは貸してくれました。 このご時世ですし衛生的ではないと思うので早急に対応をする事を願います。 このような書き方をしましたが殆どの従業員の方は普通に対応ができる方で中には親切な方も居ましたが、一部のモラルや衛生管理に関しての認識が緩い従業員の方がホテル全体の評判を落とすことになると思うので対策を考えるべきではないでしょうか。

I liked UDS's hotel, so I stayed at the timing of my stay in Miyakojima. As a hotel, it is a location that looks like any angle of view on Instagram. If you plan to stay in a detached villa without eating services or meals, you should not worry about the price. Even though I wasn't all-one-clussy, I intended to stay at a high-class facility, so I don't think I'll revisit it, because human skills are fatally low for a hotel in this price range. I had a barbecue for dinner, but when I was guided to my seat and left to get a drink, my luggage and other things were messed up and another person was sitting. It was said that the employee told me to disguise as appropriate... Regarding barbecue, I also provided other things to the table and said that the ingredients that had been aged for a while were not lowered once as "I made a mistake next door" I tried to serve on this table, so I told him that it's a living thing, so please replace it. He said that he could replace it with a pleasant response, but a few minutes later he was offered the same one. I was told "I made it a new one", but I checked the photo and told me that it was the same thing and exchanged it again, but at that time I started to think that I could not enjoy it at this hotel anymore .. A few minutes later the squall started and the barbecue was not possible, but it was said that it would continue, so I baked the ingredients that were wet in the bishobisho and had the garlic rice that looked like an uncle. Since it's a 14,000 yen barbecue, there may be some more ways to deal with it. He lent me a towel. I think that it is not this time and it is not hygienic, so please take immediate action. Although I wrote it like this, most of the employees were able to deal with it normally and some were kind, but some of the employees were loosely aware of morals and hygiene management. I think it will damage the reputation of the hotel as a whole, so we should consider measures.

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Mr./Ms. H.T(26)

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Comfort Cottage

初の宮古島でした。心から素晴らしかったです。 また必ず泊まりに行きます。

It was the first Miyakojima. It was wonderful from the bottom of my heart. I will definitely go there again.

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(35)

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Room type


Premium Suite Villa

とても美しいロケーションで、あえての入り口の分かり難さもリスケープに着くまでの絶景も、目の前に広がる綺麗な海も、とにかく大自然に囲まれて最高の立地でした。 私は南国の一階の部屋に泊まったのは初めてなので当たり前?なのかわかりませんが、部屋... Read more とても美しいロケーションで、あえての入り口の分かり難さもリスケープに着くまでの絶景も、目の前に広がる綺麗な海も、とにかく大自然に囲まれて最高の立地でした。 私は南国の一階の部屋に泊まったのは初めてなので当たり前?なのかわかりませんが、部屋中虫が多かったのが気になりました。カナブンやハサミムシ、あり、ヤモリとはほぼ同居することになります。 露天風呂付きのプレミアムスイートのお部屋を借りましたが、一度も露天風呂には入りませんでした。 部屋についてるプールも夜は虫だらけで入るのが厳しかったです。星空を庭で眺めるのも諦めました!ハサミムシがあちこち歩いてるのは二日目以降慣れましたが、とくにシロアリ?が部屋の隙間に巣を作っていたり、寝るときにベットにもアリが歩いてあるのは正直虫嫌いな人にはつらいと思います。 また、部屋の清掃は少し雑でしたが、 ホテルのスタッフの方々は皆気さくで丁寧でいい方々でした。食事も◎ 無料の朝ヨガはヨガ未経験でしたが、朝日を浴びながら自然の音と共にリラックスするのが、すごく気持ち良くて最高でした。 また、プライベートビーチのような誰もいない目の前の海をSUPでゆったりとした時間を過ごすのも最高でした。

It's a very beautiful location, the entrance is daunting, the view before reaching the scape, the beautiful ocean in front of you is the best location surrounded by nature. This is the first time for me to stay in a room on the first floor of a tropical country. I don't know, but I was worried that there were many insects in the room. There are canabuns, earwigs, and they live almost together with geckos. I rented a premium suite room with an open-air bath, but I never entered the open-air bath. It was difficult to enter the pool in the room with insects at night. I also gave up looking at the starry sky in the garden! It has been used since the second day that the earwigs were walking around, but especially termites? I think it's hard for people who don't like insects to have nests in the gaps in their rooms and ants walking on their beds when they sleep. Also, although the room was a little rough to clean, the staff at the hotel were all nice and polite. Meals are also available ◎ Free morning yoga has never been done before, but relaxing with the sound of nature while taking a bath in the morning sun was very pleasant and great. It was also great to spend a relaxing time with SUP on the sea in front of nobody like a private beach.

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The Rescape


1901-1 Nagama Gusukube, Miyakojima, Okinawa [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

41 room(s)


Restaurant (Reception Building 2F) business hours
Breakfast: 07:00 to 10:00
Lunch: 12:00 to 15:00
Dinner: 18:00-21:00
* Dinner requires advance reservation.

Bar lounge (reception ridge 1F) business hours
Dinner: 21:00-23:00 (last order 22:30)
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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Other facility information

Hospitality from the rescape
Private parking space (it is possible to park in front of each guest room)
Laundry service (receipt by 9:00 am on the day, delivery after 19:00 pm: charge)
Public pool terrace 08: 00-18: 00 (April-October)

Regarding transfer
* Please book in advance if you would like to pick up and drop off.
* A full reservation system is required for each flight.
* Transfer from Miyako Airport to the hotel is free.
* Transfer from Shimojishima Airport to the hotel will be charged +4,000 yen per vehicle.
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About measures such as new coronavirus infections:

We will improve our services in the future with the two measures axis of hygiene management and avoidance of 3 denseness. In hygiene management, we mainly deal with sanitization in the hall and the health of staff and customers. As a way to avoid 3 congestion, we will focus on creating an environment where 3 congestion is unlikely to occur from the perspective of customers, staff, and customers, and we will seriously work by changing conventional services.

Hygiene management measures: Customer health and safety and public health
We ask that you take a thermometer at check-in and fill out a health check sheet.

Sterilization cleaning in guest rooms and public spaces
As for cleaning of all guest rooms, parts that are touched by hands are sterilized and cleaned with hypochlorous acid water.

Disposable masks are available for sale to customers who wear masks for staff and gloves when serving food at restaurants.
3 Dense avoidance measures: Stay to avoid tightness, closeness, and closeness

We will perform check-in procedures to avoid contact with other customers. We will format the items that will be verbally explained and will hand it along with the room key, so please check in your room.

Reservations are required for dinner at the restaurant and hors d'oeuvres at the in-room dining until 17:00 on the day. You can choose from 18:00, 20:00 at the restaurant and 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 at the in-room dining.
Reduce the number of seats and open windows and doors for thorough ventilation. The distance between restaurant table seats has been expanded to around 2m.

As a measure to reduce congestion, the restaurant's breakfast has to be reserved. We will ask you for the breakfast time at check-in.

The bar will be closed for the time being.

As a measure to reduce congestion, free activities are changed to reservation system

At the time of checkout at the front desk, we set up a splash infection prevention plate and enforce rowing restrictions.

Since it is expected to be crowded from 10:30 to 11:00, there is a possibility that we may restrict entry. Please understand.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

From Miyako airport:
Go the prefectural road route 243 in the direction of the east sea coast by car.
Turn right at the end of the prefectural road route 83, and turn left at the intersection where there is the Miyakojima Shokudo Ganso Miyako-gyu Gyu-don, 15 minutes from the airport.

From Miyako Shimojishima airport:
Cross the Irabu Ohashi bridge from the Shimojishima airport and go the prefectural road route 252 in the direction of the airport and then enter route 243. Pass the Miyako airport and at the same time use the prefectural road route 83 and is 40 minutes from Shimojishima airport.

1901-1 Nagama Gusukube, Miyakojima, Okinawa

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