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時音の宿 湯主一條

Ichijoh / Miyagi Shiraishi・Zao 14


By visiting this place, you will feel relaxed and feel as if you have a deep connection with the surrounding nature. The landscape around this area is very romantic and dazzling.

This ryokan is well-established and has 600 years of history.
They have therefore managed to have a great mix of both the traditional Japanese taste and the modernity of the current era. The rooms are of course equipped with the latest amenities and whatever you may need for a comfortable stay.

The main building was built by an experienced temple architect. The building was built without any nails, which is reflects the traditional architecture of Asia.

By visiting Ichijoh, you will feel as if you travelled back in time.
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Accommodations that represent their respective local regions and that are worth visiting despite the distance.

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Mr./Ms. K.O(54)

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Japanese-Western Style Semi-Suite

とても素晴らしい滞在となりました。セミスイート和洋室はゆったりとしていていつまでもくつろいでいたい空間でした。大正浪漫溢れるお部屋でのお食事は最高で、洋を取り入れた和食は、味はもちろん目にも楽しむことができましたし、朝食は今までの旅で最高で... Read more とても素晴らしい滞在となりました。セミスイート和洋室はゆったりとしていていつまでもくつろいでいたい空間でした。大正浪漫溢れるお部屋でのお食事は最高で、洋を取り入れた和食は、味はもちろん目にも楽しむことができましたし、朝食は今までの旅で最高でした。娘の20歳の誕生日を兼ねての旅で、バースデープレートやみなさんからのお声掛けが嬉しく心に残る最高の旅となりました。また別の季節に是非伺いたいと思います!

It was a wonderful stay. The semi-suite Japanese-Western style room was spacious and it was a space that I wanted to relax indefinitely. The meals in the Taisho-Romantic room were the best, and the Japanese cuisine with Western food was enjoyable not only for taste but also for the eyes, and breakfast was the best for my trip so far. It was the best trip that left my daughter's 20th birthday and the birthday plate and the voices of everyone. I would like to ask you again in another season!

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Mr./Ms. M.T(63)

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Modern Japanese Western Style Room

 6/21(金)に、パスを利用しての東北温泉巡り旅の2泊目として夫婦で利用。前泊地近くの盛岡で冷麺と焼肉のランチを満喫して、仙台乗り換えで白石蔵王駅に15時頃到着。駅建物を出ると、我々夫婦だけのために、既に送迎車が待ってくれていて待たずに乗... Read more  6/21(金)に、パスを利用しての東北温泉巡り旅の2泊目として夫婦で利用。前泊地近くの盛岡で冷麺と焼肉のランチを満喫して、仙台乗り換えで白石蔵王駅に15時頃到着。駅建物を出ると、我々夫婦だけのために、既に送迎車が待ってくれていて待たずに乗車でき、宿到着時にも多くのスタッフが出迎えてくれて、早々から好印象。  キャリーはCI手続き中に部屋へ運んでくれて、予約したモダン和洋室へは男性スタッフが案内してくれたが、初めて訪れた館内の構造は複雑な上に階段しかなく、予め階段のみなことは知っていたものの、部屋に着くまでに結構疲れを感じたのも事実。  モダン和洋室のレイアウト等もHP等で認識していたが、部屋の奥にある掘りごたつスペースは思っていたより狭い感じで、向かい合って二人で座ると、一方の人間は片方の壁際にあるテレビに間近で背を向ける形となり、テレビに向いて陣取った人間からも対面の人間が邪魔でテレビが見ずらい造作となっており、ベッドも間近で、部屋入り口近辺のレイアウトは広く余裕があるのに、やや残念な感じの間取りの印象であった。  次に、温泉ですが、1階にある薬湯の方は、泉質も良く、男性用は湯船も広く、快適に過ごせましたが、女性用の薬湯は、昔ながらの雰囲気は良いものの、家内の話しではやはり狭さは感じたようで、女性客優先の湯宿が増えた昨今の傾向からみても、時間帯による男女の入れ替え制のご検討をお願いしたいと感じました。もう一方の温泉も入りましたが、個人的な印象ながらあまり特長も感じられないお湯で、ちょっと残念な感想でした。  ただ、こちらのお宿で特筆すべきは、夕食・朝食共に良い雰囲気のお部屋でいただける食事の美味しさで、レギュラープランながら、いずれも美味しく、料理のお味を堪能させていただきました。そのレベルの高さは、これまで泊まったお宿の中でも最高ランクに属す感じで、料理長を筆頭としたスタッフの素材を活かす力量に感服しました。御馳走さまでした。  もし、食事に関して注文があるとしたら、男性スタッフが運ぶお盆を、我々が食事しているテーブルの隅に置いて給仕されるのには結構抵抗感を覚えました。部屋の狭さ等で難しいかも?ですが、ぜひサーブ用の小テーブルを別途ご用意いただきたく存じます。  以上、好き勝手に申し上げ恐縮ですが、よろしくご検討ください。  

On 6/21 (Fri), it is used by the couple as the second night of a trip to Tohoku Onsen, using an adult holiday club pass. Enjoy a cold noodle and barbecue lunch at Morioka near the place where you stayed and arrive at Shiraishi Zao Station at around 15:00 by changing Sendai. When we left the station building, we had a car waiting for us and we could ride without waiting, and a lot of staff greeted us when we arrived at the inn, which made a good impression early. Carrie carried to the room during the CI procedure, and male staff guided to the reserved modern Japanese-Western room, but the structure of the hall I visited for the first time was complicated and there were only stairs, only stairs in advance. Although I knew, it was also a fact that I felt quite tired before I got to the room. The layout of the modern Japanese and Western rooms was also recognized by HP etc. However, the digging space in the back of the room is smaller than I thought, and when two people sit facing each other, one person is on the other side of the wall It has become a form to turn the back close to the television, and the person facing the television has a structure that makes it difficult for the person to watch the television, and the bed is close, and the layout near the entrance of the room is wide. It was a disappointing impression of the floor plan, though it was Next, it is a hot spring, but the one on the first floor has good spring quality, and the men's bath is large and comfortable, but the women's bath has a good old-fashioned atmosphere, but It seems that I felt narrowness in the story, and I felt that I would like to ask you to consider the replacement system for men and women according to the time zone, even in view of the recent trend of increased number of hot resorts for female customers. The other hot spring was included, but it was a little disappointing impression in the hot water that I can not feel so much features though personal impression. However, it is worth noting in this hotel that the deliciousness of the meal that you can enjoy in a room with a good atmosphere for both dinner and breakfast, while enjoying the deliciousness of the dishes while enjoying the regular plan. The height of the level seems to belong to the highest rank among the lodgings I have stayed so far, and I was impressed by the ability to make use of the materials of the staff headed by the chef. It was a treat. If I had an order for a meal, I felt quite reluctant to put the tray carried by the male staff in the corner of the table where we were eating. Is it difficult by the narrowness of the room etc? However, I would like you to prepare a small table for serving separately. Above, I am sorry to say anything I like, but please consider.  

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Mr./Ms. T.I(51)

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Japanese-Western Style Semi-Suite

食事が美味しく満足しました。部屋もきれいで過ごしやすかったです。 不満点は、大浴場の洗い場に仕切りが無く、隣の人のシャワーが、バンバン掛かってくる点が残念でした。改善を希望します。 それ以外は満足しました。また行きたいと思う宿の1つにな... Read more 食事が美味しく満足しました。部屋もきれいで過ごしやすかったです。 不満点は、大浴場の洗い場に仕切りが無く、隣の人のシャワーが、バンバン掛かってくる点が残念でした。改善を希望します。 それ以外は満足しました。また行きたいと思う宿の1つになりました。

The food was delicious and satisfied. The room was clean and it was easy to spend. The dissatisfaction point was disappointing that there was no partition in the washing place of the public bath, and the shower of the next person hung on a bang. I would like to improve it. Other than that, I was satisfied. It became one of the lodgings that I would like to visit again.

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Kamazaki 1-48 Fukuokakuramoto, Shiroishi, Miyagi-ken, Japan [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

24 room(s)


・Bar "Lobby Lounge Tsujiri"
Enjoy an adult time with an original cocktail while chatting with the bartender.

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With two different sources of spring quality, you can use the public bath outdoor bath and the indoor bath.
One of them was founded in 1429 by a farmer with a sickle. "Kizu ni kamazaki" is effective on cuts, scrapes, burns and will make your skin beautiful. The other source was founded when a man was digging a cave. This spring is known to make your skin smooth.

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Other facility information

Relaxation oil massage using organic essential oil(¥12,960). It is recommended to enjoy the massage with the Onsen for better effects. Male guests are also welcomed.
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・ Live Concert (free of charge) 5:00pm-5:30pm
Irish harp concert (every first and third Tuesday of the month)
Violin concert (every second and fourth Tuesday of the month)
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・The bath tax (¥150) is included.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

【From the Tokyo area】
・Tokyo Station to Shiroishizao Station by Tohoku Shinkansen, and then to the hotel by taxi or shuttle bus (About 2 hours and 15 minutes)

※Please note
The nearest station is Shiroishizao Station (Tohoku Shinkansen) and Shiroishi Station (JR Tohoku Honsen).

Free shuttle bus service is available from the two stations to the hotel. Reservation should be made more than one day before the stay.

The shuttle bus departs at 15:10 from Shiroishizao Station and 15:20 from Shiroishi Station to the hotel. Return bus departs at 11:00 from the hotel to both stations. 

During weekdays, visitors could also arrive by Shiroshi bus (¥200). For more information please contact us.  

Access (supplemental)

【From the Tokyo area】
Tokyo--Kawaguchi JC-Shiraishi IC--Yu Ichijou (Roughly 4 hours)

From Shiraishi Interchange to Ichijou
Take the Shiraishi interchange towards Shiroishi and turn left at the fifth traffic light-Turn right on T-junction and go straight. As soon as entering the Kamimori hot spring city there is a big private car park-Park your car and gives us a call and we will come pick you up. 
If you turn right at the traffic lights from the Shiroishi interchange, you will see a narrow winding mountain road.

Kamazaki 1-48 Fukuokakuramoto, Shiroishi, Miyagi-ken, Japan

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